CF log 01/04/17 (Sat)

Happy April Fools! Idk if it should be ‘s after the “fool”, or s’ hahaha; but whatever. It’s like I’ve outgrown the age of April fools jokes.

Anyway, I was late for cf today omg >< And I knew it was Xin taking class so damn kanchiong! But luckily nothing happened… guess cos I’m usually quite early haha. I was 3-4min late! Cos of slightly different transport plans this morning, which meant leaving the house slightly later than usual, and having to take the train to class. Didn’t help that the frequency of trains on weekends are pretty low…

So, back to the log! It was usual Saturday partner wod today :D (Warm-up was 5:00 EMOM “Cindy” which I only did about 1.5min of cos late lol)

Shared reps with a partner –
60 power snatch [(85#)]
50-cal row
40 OHS
30 burpee pull-ups
20 alternating lunges (1R+1L=2)
10 rope climbs

Anny and I finished in ~25min; quite fast?? Then had quite a bit of time left before end of class. Rested for a while then decided to do 50 GHDs haha :P


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