CF log 06/04/17 (Thu)

Partnering Whitney for workouts is really quite diff from my usual “style” cos she always goes heavier than I plan to LOL. And I don’t really wanna keep changing/taking out weights too so I’ll just go along :P Then I realise I can do it too, except that I’m really more shag than I usually would be hahaha. (Oops, not pushing hard enough usually!)


5 sets –
2 power clean + 2 push jerk [46.8kg to 2x 58.3kg]

3 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]

6 x 4 front squat [60.4kg to 69.4kg]


100 wall balls [(6kg)]
75 DUs
50 GHD
25 power snatch [(95#)]

Quite liked this wod though there were DUs lol. Idk why I can’t really skip well with my usual hub rope anymore??? Keep tripping :( Is it that I got lousier at DUs or are the ropes just the wrong length for me now :P


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