CF log 17/04/17 (Mon)

Lots of snatches today; 66 to be exact. Shoulders are quite fried. But more so my grip, especially since there was no chalk today!


7 x 2 snatch balance [35kg to 2x 58.1kg]
7:00 EMOM 3 power snatch + 3 OHS [40kg]

21 snatches here. I was stringing for 3-4min till my grip really couldn’t take it cos too sweaty. Then I broke up my snatches to 2-1 or singles. Chalk really makes a difference.


3 rounds –
15-cal row
15 burpee over bar
15 power snatches

Another 45 snatches here. I got so annoyed with my grip in the first round that I only did 10 snatches then moved on to rowing already. But I made up for the 5 short on my last round haha; when I finally figured out how to snatch with sweaty hands…

Still did singles though cos stringing was really impossible. Basically I just kept the bar super close to me all the way till it hit my hips – literally gliding the bar up my shin and thighs – so I can use the hips to bring the bar up without using so much grip strength. Maybe that’s the right way to snatch eh… hahaha and I’ve been doing it wrong all this while (i.e. not keeping bar close enough)?


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