CF log 22/04/17 (Sat)

Long partner wod. So happy my partner finished her exams so she can wod happily alr!! :D Wanted to go to Yakun, but had to meet Carousell buyer at my house ard 11, so no breakfast for me. Tomorrow!! :D

Shared reps with partner –
10 rounds –
9 bar MUs
11 C&J
13-cal bike
Buddy carry

Anny and I only finished 8 rounds, minus the buddy carry that round. No time to complete! Buddy carry was quite uncomfortable at first cos couldn’t find the right position to carry. But I think we got the hang of it as we went through the rounds.

I also did bar MUs differently today haha. Instead of jumping up to the bar from the box, I did the swinging motion thing using the box (idk how to describe but aiya, as long as I understand what I mean it’s good enough HAHA). Does this mean I’m one step closer to doing a legit bar MU??? xD


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