CF log 13/05/17 (Sat)

Did 2 Regionals events again today, so it was like doing 2 wods D: Individual event 5 and 6 this time! (Realised it was 3 and 4 yesterday).

WOD 1 (Regionals 2017 Event 5)

Ring MUs [did banded]
DB one-hand OHS [(22.5kg)]

WOD 2 (modified from Regionals 2017 Event 6)

25-cal row
20 box jump overs [(60cm)]
20 double WB cleans [9kg one side, 16# on the other]

Instead of WB cleans, the actual event was sandbag cleans. But supposedly the point of the movement was to use odd objects so WB it was. Or maybe there just weren’t enough sandbags of appropriate weight?

Anyway, did WOD 2 first and finished in less than 10min. So I thought definitely would be able to finish the first one with so much time remaining… but NO. My assisted MUs were excruciatingly slow D: By the time I finished the set of 21, there was only 12min to the end of class… I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete. And I didn’t hahaha. Was left with the last 9 (assisted) MUs! In fact, I had to take more time after class ended just to finish up my round of 15s :P


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