CF log 22/05/17 (Mon)


Back squats –
3 x 5 [57.7kg, 62.7kg, 66.8kg]
3 x 1 [75.8kg, 85.8kg, 90.8kg]

After that, realised it was supposed to be 3 x 3 and not 5 lol. It was written wrongly on the board, and by the time it was changed, I already did 3 sets of 5 haha.

Squat clean + jerk –
4 x 3 [46.8kg]
1 x 2 [51.8kg]
3 x 1 [55.8kg, 60.8kg] – only managed 2 sets with the limited time ><


2 rounds –
5:00 EMOM – 10-8-6-4-2 squat clean thrusters [85#]
Rest 3-min
5:00 EMOM 10 ring dips

I started with ring dips. Did only an average of 5 per min lol. The clusters were killer and impossible to finish the rep scheme in the given time?! The first round I did 10-6-4-4-6 and the second I did 8-6-6-5-3/4 (though I was aiming for 8-6-6-6-6 cos that would enable me to complete all the reps albeit not in the same scheme haha). I finished up the remaining reps after time was up for the 2nd round though. Superrr shag >< We actually all thought it was only one round of everything at first cos the rounds were not written on the board!


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