CF log 28/06/17 (Wed)


10-1 HSPUs (kipping, one mat)
Shuttle run across box after each round

This took about 10:00 for all of us to finish.


3:00 EMOM 4 power snatch [85#]
3:00 EMOM 6 power C&J [85#]

Managed to TnG them.. tiring, but maybe can try 95# if we ever do this again???


3 rounds –
27-cal row
21 power clean [(105#)]
15 burpee box jumps

This was really tiring! Cleans were the hardest part cos there were so many of them!! But still manageable (after sweating like crazyyy). I was doing singles all the way and I don’t think I was that slow haha. Cos tried to have minimal rest! :) Quite fun overall la. Just because cleans LOL.


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