CF log 03/07/17 (Mon)


8 rounds –
3 power clean + 3 front squat + 3 push jerk [(95#)]

It was supposed to be an 8:00 EMOM but I think there were too many people this morning to each get our own bar… and sharing bar meant we wouldn’t finish within the minute… so ended up 8 rounds lol. But we had to go immediately after our partner was done, so we’re still not supposed to rest too long. Quite tiring, though towards the end I think I got more used to the weight!


50-cal bike
25 power C&J [(95#)]
2 rope climb / 1 peg board
50-cal bike
25 power snatches [(95#)]
2 rope climb / 1 peg board

Did rope climbs. And ermmm tried the peg board after class but quite fail LOL. Whitney was like helping to push me up a bit hahaha. It really is harder than it looks to me!! Very sad how I find myself having more and more cf movements I cannot do HAHA :P


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