CF log 07/08/17 (Mon)

Decided to sleep in today cos slept late + couldn’t sleep well last night. Went for the evening class instead! It was quite a dreary Monday at work. Felt kinda ‘sian’ the whole afternoon~~ (morning was ok cos there was a meeting on some exciting project and I managed to grab some free food from another one of PA’s events hahah).



5 x 5 back squat [57.7kg to 80.8kg]

Squat snatch –
4 x 2 [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg, 46.8kg]
2 x 1 [51.8kg, 55.8kg]

Supposed to do 4 x 2 snatch high pulls but Shawn (who was coaching this evening) told me to try going heavier for the squat snatch and made me do 60.8kg — which I managed haha. Even at that weight it was a PR already!! Then he was like “just try for 1 RM, no need to do the high pulls” HAHA. Then he proceeded to add another 1.25kg on each side of my bar – 63.3kg now.

AND YAYYY I MADE IT!!! Managed to stand it up before my arm gave way LOL. Cos I think my left arm hyper-extended a bit so it was a teeny bit uncomfortable at that weight ><


3 rounds –
Run 2 laps (~300m)
15 power C&J [105# or 115#?]
75 DUs

I swear the C&J rx was 105#! So I did it for the first round… and when I finished the 5th rep of my 2nd round, Shawn came over to ask where are my 2.5kg clamps – he said it was 115#! Looked over and saw that Yzanne added the clamps so ok… I let him add the clamps to 115# cos maybe I really saw wrongly. So did the rest of the wod at 115# hahaha.

But after the wod, I went to the board to check again…. and it was 105# leh hahaha. It was just slightly illegible handwriting :P Oh well, better to do heavier than lighter eh? ^^”


CF log 18/06/17 (Sun)

Yayy fun wod today! And not too tiring :D

Partner WOD

100 GHD + lock-out hold [(85#)]
100 burpees + deadlift hold [(155#)]
100 wall balls + front rack hold [(105#)]
100 KB swings + back squat hold [(105#)]

So basically while one person is working on the 100 reps thing, the other person does the hold, then swap till 100 reps are completed. 100 reps are shared! I think everyone finished with at least 15min to spare lol.

CF log 15/06/17 (Thu)

Decided to go for strength day today since I could reach work late. Was asked to go for some off-site visit in the morning so only meeting my colleague at 10.30am! Which means I didn’t have to rush after cf… so chill morning! Was thinking of just going back home to sleep after wod, but just nice Anny texted me last night to say she was thinking of going too, so we could have breakfast together! With some other morning class peeps :D

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [74kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 92.6kg] – actually not sure if 92.6 or 97.6 lol :P

7 x 3
Bench press [37.7kg to 45.2kg, 47.7kg – last rep assisted]
Strict press [29.1kg to 35.6kg]
Deadlift [78.5kg to 97.6kg]

Toast Box for breakfast! :D Ate and talked till 10am before starting my work day hahaha.

CF log 14/05/17 (Sun)

Partner wod!

Shared reps –
20 thrusters [(105#)]
30 (clean grip) high pulls from ground
40 push jerks
60 hang power clean
80 front squats
100 deadlifts
*EMOM both do 3 burpees

Finished just before the 30min mark. But we did extra 5 high pulls cos thought it was 40 >< Either way, I think we’d still end after 29min… so we would still have done the same number of burpees haha.

I realised that mayyybe we should have added 2.5kg clamps on each side cos the rx in kg that was written on the board was 50kg lol. Our bar was only 45kg exactly cos we used the 15kg instead of 35# plates :P

Anyway, stayed back till 11am after wod today to celebrate Whitney’s birthday with yummy cakes!! :D There was a small choc paleo one and a Lady M matcha cake :) Yumz.

CF log 01/05/17 (Mon)

New week, but no Monday blues YAYY :D Cos it’s Labour Day and my May started out great with a workout, then breakfast/chat session after :)

Partner wod today!

Shared reps with partner –
100 wall balls
100 pull-ups
100 power cleans [(105#)]
100 push jerks
100 back squats

Did with Whitney and finished before the 35min mark. My lower back was dying at the back squats lol.

CF log 23/04/17 (Sun)


5 x 5 front squats [55.8kg to 2x 69.9kg]

I can actually do 5 reps at ~70kg! So I guess my 70kg squat clean will look better/more stable now? It’s my current PR, but it was quite a struggle when I did it last time haha. Been ages since I did all the 1 RM stuff…


Push jerks [(105#)]

It ended up being less tiring than I thought…? I managed to string all 9 jerks at the round of 9, so I’m happy! :D Pull ups were not too bad today too though I still can’t get the momentum very well ><

Went to Yakun with Anny after wod! Happyyyy :D

CF log 11/02/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day but usual partner couldn’t make it… but Yzanne came today so I partnered her! Been a while since we wod-ed together haha.

With a partner –
100 power snatch [(95#)]
3 laps run
100 GHD
3 laps run
100 OHS
3 laps run
10 rope climbs

We started with GHD, then OHS, rope and finally snatches. Finished just when the hour of class was up! Snatches were the worst haha. But I think overall it was still ok… cos at least there were no thrusters!!

Went for toast box breakfast with Jon and David after :D Then I went back with Jon for the lou hei + lunch at hub this afternoon. Just keep eating LOL. Lunch was quite fun cos got to catch up and talk to some people more than I usually do! xD

CF log 30/01/17 (Mon)

Last day of the long CNY hols T_T Back to life tmr (sad)!

It’s a partner wod again! :D

With a partner –
88 rounds –
2 squat cleans [(105#)]
3 burpees

Anny and I took about 51:30 to finish. It was supposed to 100 rounds but coach scaled it down to 88 towards the end… cos it didn’t seem like anyone could finish all 100 within the hour hahaha. When she announced the drop to 88 rounds, Anny and I were already at round 84 so we were so happy that yayy only 2 more rounds each! Haha :D

Anyway, the HSPUs were supposed to be strict, but we did kipping all the way. I can’t do a single strict ^^”

Went for breakfast at Yakun (finally open!) with Carlos, David and Anny later! Food was shiok after this wod :D

CF log 29/01/17 (Sat)


8 x 2 front squats [55.8kg to 78.5kg]


With a partner –
80-cal bike
80 C&J [(105#)]
80-cal row
8 rope climbs

Yay partner wod with Anny! I thought the wod was quite fun cos of all the C&Js hehe :P I thought we did it quite fast, but somehow so many people finished around the same time as us ^^” We figured that maybe everyone else did lighter weights or did not do rope climbs (but pull-ups instead)? :P

Anyway, went for food with Carlos and Anny after wod! :D Fave Yakun was closed and macs was crowded, so we went to mos! Been so long since I had mos. It was quite satisfying :D

CF log 28/01/17 (Sat)

CNY wod!!! Slightly different from last year in terms of the exercises but still the same format of 8 rounds, 8 reps of each movement haha. As usual it sounds ok, but doing it is a different story :P


Supposed to end class at 9.08am, but I was only in my 7th round hahaha. Prolly finished around 9.20am? Good start to the day in preparation for all the CNY food during visiting hehe :D

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