“Get out of the box” event

Went for lululemon organised beach event today instead of wodding (we would have been doing team series events 5 & 6!). Was with Whitney, Anny, Kang Yin, Calvin, Kaylene, Joey, Xiu Jing, Yuren (last 3 were on “cheerleading squad” haha!).

Surprisingly, it was sunny the whole way though the sky was overcast – and rained in some areas – earlier in the morning. It was actually really hot ><

Saw Charity as part of the organising team! And talked a bit.

Anyway, the event “forced” us to mix around with people from different boxes. Everyone had a coloured band, which represented the colour team we belonged to. I was in yellow – same as uncle Sam lol! Which some of us thought was Jeff LOL. Too long of not seeing what the latter looks like…. oops :X

So we played beach games against other groups. There were 5 in total – dodge ball, dog and bone, tug-o-war, wheelbarrow, red rovers. The last game was most boring, and I think there are issues with the games rules of that game haha. Ohh and Kaylene left quite early cos she injured her toe at the dog and bone… her big toe nail came off eeeeks ><

Tbh, didn’t really make friends with anyone new LOL. But I guess it was quite interesting cos different experience!

Most of us didn’t really tire ourselves out playing the games, so we decided to do some variation of “Murph” since there was a pull-up bar nearby hahahah. We ran on the sand along the perimeter of the sea first (which I don’t think was even 1km but damn tiring cos on sand), then halved the reps of pull-ups, push-ups and air squats. I didn’t end with another run like the original “Murph” (though some of us did) haha.


Exercise log 31/07/15 (Fri)

Didn’t cf today cos I went to meet my friends for an awesome birthday dinner! :D

So went to my office gym before that and did a random assortment of workouts lol.

7 x 3 strict press (I think it was about 30kg; not sure how heavy the empty bar was but loaded 10kg a side)
4 x 8 lat pulldown
4 x 10 weighted pistols [5kg] (I did my first set of 10 with no weight, then did this 4 x 10. L+R=2)
4 x 8 goblet squat [24kg KB]
4 x 3 strict pull up (string)

Initially wanted to do some squats, but there’s no rack at the gym; only a machine with an attached barbell kinda thing. And it just felt weird using that very rigid barbell (cos it was stuck to the machine) to do squats :/