Exercise log 31/07/15 (Fri)

Didn’t cf today cos I went to meet my friends for an awesome birthday dinner! :D

So went to my office gym before that and did a random assortment of workouts lol.

7 x 3 strict press (I think it was about 30kg; not sure how heavy the empty bar was but loaded 10kg a side)
4 x 8 lat pulldown
4 x 10 weighted pistols [5kg] (I did my first set of 10 with no weight, then did this 4 x 10. L+R=2)
4 x 8 goblet squat [24kg KB]
4 x 3 strict pull up (string)

Initially wanted to do some squats, but there’s no rack at the gym; only a machine with an attached barbell kinda thing. And it just felt weird using that very rigid barbell (cos it was stuck to the machine) to do squats :/