CF log 09/08/16 (Tue)

National Day today! And back at crossfit sessions after… 4 days haha? One day pre-competition, 2 days of competition and 1 day for recovery post-comp. It was the AFT weekend! Long story short, we ended up in 4th place. For David and I, it’s the same as last year haha; so close yet so far! :P Tbh, I could have done better T_T It was my best on that day, but not the best I can do D: Time to train harder and be more consistent in my movements!!

So anyway, had a SG51 national day wod today!

In pairs –
51 Single arm KB swing (L+R=1 rep) [(24kg)]
51 Inclined ring rows
51 Neutral grip back squat [(85#)]
51 GHDs
51 Assault bike (cals)
51 Power snatch [(85#)]
51 Overhead squat [(85#)]
51 Reverse lunges (each step back=1 rep) [(85#)]
51 Elevated push ups

Anny and I thought that all the reps were meant for one person… so we did 51 GHDs and 51-cal of assault bike each (we started with those 2 movements)! Then I overheard coach telling some others that reps are shared, and went to clarify with David; and yes, it was supposed to be shared -_- hahahaha. Luckily we started with the easier stuff and we still managed to finish on time! Took about 45:45 to finish.

Cos it was 51 reps of everything, we took turns to do 25 or 26 reps for the movements. Did most of them in sets except for the lunges and back squats. Both of those kinda killed my back haha. Like my back just got sooo tight and suan after doing them! Didn’t help that my upper back was still aching from the competition (I presume) >< SUPER TIGHT. Tried to roll after the wod, but I’m really not sure how much it helped hahaha.


CF log 29/09/15 (Tue)

My elbow still feels weird; the inner part of my right elbow. It hurts when I extend my arm. I can’t do shoulder pass-throughs with the PVC cos it actually hurts quite a lot when I do that :( No idea what is wrong but I have a feeling that it was from the snatch-grip push presses on Sunday… I’ve been rubbing the painful spot to see if it gets better (cos bruises work that way right lol), but nopeee. Prolly some internal sprain/twisted (I think I make it sound more serious that it actually is but idk how else to describe it) – again (like my ankle).


5 x 1 pause snatch (3-sec knee) + 1 pause hang snatch (3-sec mid-thigh)
[37.7kg, 40.2kg, 42.7kg, 2x 45.2kg]

4 x {1 BTN push press + 1 jerk-grip snatch balance + 1 jerk-grip OHS}
[2x 37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg]

Felt kinda unstable today :/


Thrusters [(42.7kg)]
C2B [scaled down from bar MUs]

Timer showed 16 min when I was done. Not sure if I did finish in 16 min or I started before the timer ran? Sounds quite fast to me… :P I’m usually quite slow, like close to 20min or more HAHA.

Oh and strangely, like yesterday, I don’t remember my elbow hurting when I did all the barbell work :S So no idea what’s really wrong with my elbow lol.

CF long 07/09/15 (Mon)

I have decided that I will be going for morning classes unless I can’t make it due to courses or meetings. Yay #morningcrew :D

Shoulders and arms aching from yesterday’s WOD. Very likely the rope climbs D: And today, the thrusters….. now my shoulders tight like shit. No strength/skill today cos, seriously, the WOD took a while :P I mean, I’m no pro right ><


45 pull-ups
30 GHD
30 thrusters [(95#)]
30 C2B
30 GHD
30 thrusters
15 bar MUs [scaled to 15 pull-ups and ring dips]

Finished in 38:30, but I didn’t even rx all the movements…. my C2Bs were almost there but still not there I think. Cos I still can’t get my chest to touch the bar though I think its already the same level as the bar :/ And the MUs, cmi :P I wanted to do normal ring dips without band, but by the time I reached there my arms/shoulders were damn tired/achy and I couldn’t push myself out of the dip anymore. Not even one rep. So just went back to using a band haha. It was still pretty brutal >< But good workout… and I’m glad I managed to rx the thrusters; for all 60 reps! :D Strung 3 at a time; slow and steady haha.

Absolute fitness throwdown 2015

So many video snippets taken today and photos with some of the closest friends I’ve made through crossfit <3

2015-06-14 21.37.44

2015-06-14 20.51.24-4

Competing with my fellow #teamchaokeng members (above) – David, Jon, Anny – was an amazing experience. No podium finish (ended 4th out of 11), but we fought hard today and gave it our all. Thank you for making my first competition experience such a memorable one. I am glad I did it with you guys :’) May we improve further and build more crossfit memories together! And our new hashtag: #chaokeng4life :)

I’m glad we appeared to others as the only team who seems to be kinda slack and having fun, as compared to the other teams who seemed to be fighting so hard to win (that maybe they took much of the fun out of it all).

Some proud moments for myself today:

  • I did 20 deadlifts at 70kg, unbroken. During practice, all I could manage was 10-5-5.
  • Snatches were pretty stable overall, though I did have missed reps.

Room for improvement:

  • Need to be more efficient at DUs. MUST. Videos show me using so much of my forearms; not keeping them close enough and using my wrists enough.
  • May need to be more efficient at burpees too. Slam my body to the ground in one motion, instead of controlling so much with my arms.
  • Need to be more consistent in 95# snatches. Train up core and shoulders to get stable at the bottom position.

CF Log 11/06/15 (Thu)

I keep thinking it’s a Friday today.

Anyway, we finally went back to Thursday strength trainings. Thankful for that cos my body is starting to get fatigued. But I decided to go for class today cos I wanted to borrow a speed rope, and I though if it was a WOD, I would just use lighter weights/go easy on the movements.

7 x 3
Bench press [5x 37.7kg, 2x 40.2kg] – could only do one rep per set without assistance for 40.2kg :(
Deadlift [2x 78.5kg, 2x 83.5kg, 1x 86kg] – yup, only did 5 sets (side note: counting weight as i log.. omg i did till 86kg? coooool)
Strict press [1x 24.1kg, 1x 29.1kg, 3x 31.6kg, 1x 33.1kg] – last rep of 33.1kg with assistance

After strength, Belle and Eric were practicing synchro snatches. I decided to try a few reps on my own too cos if I didn’t, the next time I would snatch 95# would be on the competition day itself >< So just got myself to do it and snatches felt ok today! :D Fingers crossed they would be as awesome on Sunday!! It was really few reps… like 5? But really, at least I felt good about them :) Did 2 on my own and synchro-ed 3 with Anny haha. Guess this gives me more confidence in my snatches! :D

So, with that, the 2 rest days before competition day are here! :D Counting down now… Excited!! First ever crossfit competition! :D

CF log 07/06/15 (Sun)

Team training sesh again this week! Last one before the throwdown next week! I’m excited and scared at the same time >< Seriously, being in a team is more stressful than competing individually (as said by my mum and Jing Wei; my bro is like ‘why scared -.-‘). Because I feel that in a team, you are accountable to your team members, and you would not wanna be the one letting your team down (read: Event 3 snatches and me D:). As much as your team members may say it’s ok, and just do it for fun, it will still suck (for myself at least) if I’m the one that contributed to any loss; and perhaps my team could have done better if I was swapped out for someone else.

So anyway, we practised Event 1 today! Skipped Event 2, and Event 3 was a meh practice :P

2015-06-07 22.54.17

My timing’s the 2:36 one. I had at least 3-5 no reps for my wall balls >< Need to make sure every rep counts on that day!! And my burpees I think they were all counted as reps by Cindy… but then again she didn’t really judge us thaaat strictly. And she only told us that some of our burpees (other members like Jon and Anny) were no rep only at the end of our whole event. But the point we wanted a judge was for someone to no rep us so that we would know when we started to no rep/how many no reps we have etc! ><

Anyway, they were saying i had a lot of air time for my burpees. LOL. Means I jump too high = waste time. Shall try to jump lower while still making reps count so I can be more efficient to improve timing! :D

But yknow, legs SERIOUSLY feels like jelly after the burpees. Though 30 burpees sounds little, it is no joke for the legs~ D: The last 10 burpees were hard to get through. Last 5 really couldn’t feel my legs anymore!

So after some rest, we tried our Event 3. Jon and Anny only did 15 reps cos Anny was kinda shagged. And David and I did our synchro snatches. Shit. I could only do 2 reps today at rx. DAMN. WHY. Since the day we had that 40 ground to OH WOD, I felt like my snatches deproved??! Like I can’t really feel/activate my shoulders… as though it’s just numb. Is it cos I need to rest my shoulders??? :/ Needa get this nailed by next week >< Gonna try to find time (and space in box) to practise some snatch balances and OHS after WOD…

Called it a day once the afternoon 12nn class started. Went to the corridor to do some prowlers. I did 4x to and fro from the entrance of the box to the lift landing with 50kg on the prowler. Legs were tired while I did it, but prolly could have added a lil more weight for more burnnnn hahaha. Nice workout nonetheless! :) Yakun with Jon, Jing Wei and Anny after.

CF log 31/05/15 (Sun)

Not sure if this should be classified as a crossfit log cos I didn’t actually go for the class today. Instead, did team training for the upcoming comp with my team :D It was fun! Am actually looking forward to more team training sessions before the comp (though not much time left :/).

Did all 3 events today.

Event 1: 30 wall balls and 30 burpees
I took about 3:06, trying to get all my burpees to count. I finished the wall balls about the same time as the guys but burpees were slow. I had to spend some effort locking out; and doing that kinda slowed me down and tired me out a bit. Felt like the burpees were not smooth if I had to lock out. Now a little worried for event 1. Can’t wait for my body to fully recover, then perhaps I could push myself more!

Event 2: 20 reps of 70kg (female wt,) deadlift / hold while partner is doing, and AMRAP DUs for remaining time
Male partner goes first. Partnering David for this. Holding the bar was not too tiring for me, surprisingly haha. David split the reps 10-10, but I could only go 10-5-5. Hm, if I can’t string 10-10, I think I should practise stringing the deadlifts I can manage faster. So I wouldn’t waste so much time :/ And my DUs, I could only string a max of 20+ today, and I keep having to do like 3 singles before starting which wastes time too :( Need more practise…

Event 3: One pair (M+F) does “Grace”, once completed next pair does “Isabel”. Time cap of 9-min.
Anny and Jon will be doing Grace while David and I doing Isabel. When Coach saw that Anny was doing Grace, she was a bit shocked. I guess she thought I would be better off doing Grace cos she saw Anny do Isabel previously and she didn’t miss any reps. But sorry.. my Grace timing really sucks. I can C&J the weight, but I can’t do it fast so it doesn’t really make sense for me to do Grace. Actually makes me feel bad cos I’m not good at either Grace or Isabel. So if we lose in Event 3… argh. I’m honestly the one pulling everyone down. Sobs. And honestly I feel bad about it :( So I guess it’s time to practise harder for this event too. Also, I think Anny would rather do Isabel than Grace. But I really really cannot handle Grace, so for the benefit of the team, she would have to do it. Gah. Seriously I’m the limiting factor >< I mean besides the wall balls… everything else I’m not really that strong or fast :(

Two more weeks! I wish I could just train instead of going to work, and go back to morning classes… at least up till the comp D: