CF log 06/08/17 (Sun)

No partner wod this week! Another solo wod today haha, but it was more interesting than yesterday’s I felt!

10 to 1 –
Thrusters [(105#)]
Ring dips
KB swings [(24kg)]

Think most people took around half an hour… I didn’t think we would finish so fast haha! So after we were done, we did:

100 back extensions with ball [(6kg)]

Hamstrings and back were so fried from this ><

Went to have toast box with Anny after! :D Finally got to eat my soft french PB set again! And it was a nice chit-chat session hehe ^^

CF log 25/07/17 (Tue)

Yayyy birthday!!! I wanna tell myself that I don’t make birthdays such a big deal, but in actual fact, I do. I just think remembering someone’s birthday kinda reflects the extent to which you care about someone. Cos… it seems like something so small, but if someone actually bothered to take note and remember.. then wish you on that day, it just feels nice and makes you feel important haha. So I must admit that I will get a bit disappointed if people whom I thought cared didn’t wish me… But I’m happy to say that this year, the people that mattered remembered so yay :) <3

I kept it low-key at wod today though. Didn’t say anything about it HAHA.


5 x 5 back squats [60.4kg to 78.5kg]

7 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg]
4 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [2x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]


2 rounds –
30 GHD
15 power snatch [(65#)]
5 MUs [banded]
15 power snatch [(65#)]
5 MUs [banded]
30 back extension

Sposed to be 3 rounds, but with 25-30min it was not really possible haha. So reduced to 2! But still really tiring. It was actually more tiring than I thought it would be :P


CF log 19/07/17 (Wed)

Really vv happy that I managed to go for wod today hehe ^^ And the 530 class at that! :D It was super empty. Only 4 of us including myself. Shawn was there too but he was doing other stuff at the other side of box cos he injured his back.


0:00-5:00 EMOM 3 squat snatch [2x 37.7kg, 3x 42.7kg]
5:00-10:00 EMOM 5 squat clean & jerk [42.7kg]

I thought the snatches were ok hence the weight increase. I thought it would be manageable for the C&J…. but I was quite wrong LOL. Cos it’s squat, it took up a lot of time (and energy). I strung the first 5 C&Js, but the next few rounds were impossible haha. Ended up stringing mostly 2 or singles :P Well, at least still completed all 5 reps within each min!


7 rounds “Chief”
50 GHD
6 rounds “Chief”
50 GHD
5 rounds “Chief”
100 back extensions
*Chief = 3 power clean [(105#)], 6 push ups, 9 air squats

I’m guessing I took between 40-45min. Cos there was so little people, we each had our own GHD HAHA. I can’t really tell what was the hardest part for me this workout cos I think every element just contributed to it being quite tiring! Even the air squats… I was doing them very slowly; just felt I couldn’t go any faster and it was such a chore squatting so many times hahahah.

During the last 5 rounds of “Chief” I felt a bit faint and like puking actually. So I think I slowed down even more haha. It was a fun wod though! :D

CF log 15/04/17 (Sat)

Coincidentally, both Whitney and Anny (usual partner) did not go for wod this morning. So Yzanne and I ended up partnering each other!


100 push ups
EMOM 5 air squats

Finished before the 6-minute mark with my triceps and shoulders shagged.


6 sets –
2 power snatch + 2 OHS [2x 35kg, 2x 40kg, 2x 44.1kg]


Shared reps with partner –
Power snatch [(95#)]
*20 alternating pistols (each person) after each round

Quite a quick wod, and we ended ~15min before time (I think!). So Xin made us all do 5 x 10 back extensions after the wod haha.

CF log 02/04/17 (Sun)

Partner wod again! :D And again, we finished it quite fast…. but Whitney and Yzanne were faster! :O

Shared reps with partner –
30-cal bike
50 power cleans [(105#)]
30-cal bike
50 push jerk
30-cal bike
50 thrusters

Thrusters were disappointing! Could not string 5 all the way :( Could string 5 cleans and 10 jerks though! :)

Cos most of us finished the wod with quite a bit to time to spare, we also had to do –

5 x 10
Back extensions

CF log 21/03/17 (Tue)


5 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg, 2x 46.8kg]
4 x 4 snatch high pull [51.8kg, 3x 55.8kg]

4 x 3 front squat [60.4kg, 65.4kg, 69.4kg, 74.4kg]


13:00 AMRAP –
15 deadlift [(95#)]
12 hang power clean
9 front squat
6 push jerk
3 thrusters

Just finished the 2 jerk of the 3rd round when I ended! So close to 3 rounds!

After class –

125 GHD
65 back extensions (should be 125 too but I had to prep for work)

CF log 24/02/17 (Fri)

Partnered Whitney!


3 x 3 front squat [55.8kg, 64.9kg, 69.9kg]

3 x 3 power C&J [46.8kg, 51.8kg, 55.8kg]
3 x 2 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]


5 rounds –
10 deadlift
10 wall balls [(14#)]
10 TTB
10 box jumps

Supposedly 4 rounds but we finished too fast (ended around 740am!), so coach added another round… which we prolly took another 2-3min to finish LOL. Ended up having to do more stuff –

5 x 10 back extensions with 9kg ball

Hamstrings dying ><