CF log 12/12/17 (Tue)

Butt still achy but more squats today D:


7:00 EMOM 1 squat clean [46.8kg to 60.8kg]
6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat clean [46.8kg]
5 x 3 clean high pull [3x 51.8kg, 3x 55.8kg]

6 x 5 back squats [60.8kg to 2x 72.4kg]


50-cal bike
150 DUs – only did 125
100 GHD
150 DUs – no time to complete :P
1500m row

After the strength/skill, we only had 15min to complete the wod… which was crazy (at least to me). Cos there were soooo many DUs!! And DUs always slow me down >< So I just did 125 DUs for the first set of 150 and moved one… It was already 8am when I was still doing GHDs… and 815am by the time I completed the other movements sans last set of DUs haha.


CF log 30/11/17 (Thu)

YAY LAST DAY OF NOV. Somehow this month felt pretty long too. I wish December would feel long. I don’t want it to end so fast T_T Fave month of the year besides my birthday month HAHA.

Strength day! Cos I’m missing the weekend wods this week + didn’t wod on Monday. Needa get my workouts in :P

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [2x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [2x 69.4kg, 3x 74.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 87.6kg] – can’t rmb if I tried 92.7kg :/

15:00 EMOM 3-position pause deadlift [8x 55.8kg, 7x 60.8kg]

7 x 3
Bench press [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg, 4x 46.8kg]
BTN strict press [5x 28.6kg, 2x 33.6kg]

CF log 28/11/17 (Tue)

I’m getting quite lazy to go for cf in the mornings now :( NEED TO CHANGE AND GET THE DISCIPLINE BACK!!! Gonna go for the rest of the weekdays this week~ yes, including strength day ><


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [35kg to 53.1kg]
6:00 EMOM 5 back squats [53.1kg to 71.3kg]

3 x 2 pause (at knee) squat snatch [35kg, 40kg, 44.1kg]


21 pull-ups + 21 ring dips (rx: 21 MUs)
42 thrusters [(85#)]
63-cal row

Quite sad that I still can’t do MUs, so I’ll never know the feelz of how tough MU wods are T_T But tbh ring dips are already killing me lol. Did the thrusters, then row, then pull-ups/ring dips. Thrusters felt better than I thought!

CF log 23/11/17 (Thu)

Went for strength day; which I don’t usually go for. Even coach knows and she asked why I went today LOL. Joey asked me too hahahah.

I went cos I didn’t wod yesterday and I felt guilty – esp cos I ate so much LOL. And I didn’t go cos I was lazy…. not due to lack of time/busy schedule haha.

So happy there was no EMOM deadlifts today! It’s the usual strength day that I know and like hehe.

Warm-up was 10-1 burpee pull-ups.

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [3x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [74.4kg, 78.5kg, 3x 83.5kg]

Hm lighter than usual but is ok. I was trying to work on not over-arching my lower back haha. Think it worked cos I didn’t feel that much strain on my lower back today!

7 x 3
Deadlift [74.4kg to 95.5kg] – ended at 6 sets
Bench press [40kg to 46.6kg]
BTN strict press [28.6kg]

Did this portion with Anny and Joey! :) Yay had friends at strength day today haha.

CF log 20/11/17 (Mon)

Evening class.


4:00 tabata (0:20 on, 0:10 off) –
Kipping HSPU
DB snatch [(15kg)]

4:00 tabata (0:20 on, 0:10 off) –
Back squat (clean from ground) [(85#)]

5 x 3 back squats [80.4kg]

Based on my 1RM, Shawn told me to go for 75-80kg for the 5 sets :O Tbh I didn’t know I loaded 80. I thought it was about 78kg – in between his suggested weight range yknow haha. But anyway he said to rest 2 min between sets (I wod-ed first then there was quite a bit of time left for these squats). It was a bit of a struggle haha! Plus my lower back started to ache/hurt(?). And it’s cos I hyper-extend; arch my lower back too much when I do squats :(


10-8-6-4-2 power cleans [(115#)]
30-25-20-15-10 GHDs
*alternate between the 2 movements

Quite a fun wod haha.

CF log 01/11/17 (Wed)


Back squats –
2 x 3 [66.8kg, 71.8kg]
2 x 2 [80.4kg]
2 x 1 [85.4kg, 90.4kg]

5 sets –
1 OHS + 1 snatch balance [35kg to 49.1kg, 54.1kg missed the snatch balance]

Every 1:30 for 7 rounds –
1 hang squat snatch + 1 squat snatch [35kg to 54.1kg]


10:00 AMRAP –
Thrusters [(85#)]
Burpee box jumps

Did up to 13 (out of 15) reps of thrusters by the time the 10:00 was up. Continued to finish up the round of 15 – took around 12-13min. Before wod, coach actl asked if I wanna use 105#?! LOL. She said give me option…. ofc I said no HAHA. Will end up killing myself. Maybe I’d be done after round of 9 lol.

CF log 26/10/17 (Thu)

Finally went for another strength day cos I’ll be missing too much workout days if I don’t go this week ><

It’s still the same ol’ same ol’.

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 2x 87.6kg]

15:00 EMOM pause 2-position deadlift [125#]

7 x 3 BTN strict press [28.6kg]
7 x 3 bench press [35kg, 40kg, 5x 44.1kg]

CF log 24/10/17 (Tue)


5 x 2 snatch balance [35kg to 49.1kg, 51.6kg missed 1 rep]

Back squats –
2 x 5 @ 70% [66.8kg]
2 x 3 @ 80% [75.8kg]

It aches so bad where I rack the bar >< Traps, shoulders, arms, thighs – SHAG.

12:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [(35kg to 55.6kg)]


Cal row
Power snatch [(85#)]
– then –
Cal bike
Power C&J [(85#)]

Took about 10min to finish the first part… not sure how long I took for the second. But anyway ended 2min after 8 lol. It was unexpectedly tiring for me :P I choose to believe it’s cos I’m fatigued from the previous days’ wods already lol.

CF log 17/10/17 (Tue)


Back squats –
3 x 5 @ 75% [66.8kg]
3 x 3 @ 80% [71.8kg]
3 x 1 @ 90% [80.4kg]

Power snatch –
2 x 3 @ 50-55% [35kg]
2 x 2 @ 60-65% [40kg]
5 x 1 work up to 1 RM [up to 49.1kg]


30 power snatches [(95#)] – finished in 5:52 (but PB is 4:50! :O)
– Rest 1 min –
3 rounds –
0:30 ME bike, 0:30 slow down/rest
– Rest 1 min –
2-min ME ring MUs/C2B [did C2B cos can’t MU]

CF log 10/10/17 (Tue)

Rained super heavily just as I was about to leave my house this morning. I was already changed and ready to go… so I just went in the rain >< It wasn’t raining at hub though haha.


Back squats –
2 x 7 @ 75% [69.4kg]
2 x 5 @ 80% [74.4kg]
2 x 3 @ 85% [78.5kg]

9:00 EMOM squat snatch –
0:00-2:00 3 reps [37.7kg]
3:00-5:00 2 reps [42.7kg, 2x 46.8kg]
6:00-8:00 1 rep [51.8kg, 2x 55.8kg]

Missed the first 55.8kg and did a super ugly one for the next 55.8kg…. not even sure whether it was counted as a rep lol. Oh well ><

Weights for snatches and squats were actually slightly lighter than last week lol. But I guess it partially due to the time of day I wodded too :P Went for evening class last week! = more energy/more awake to lift heavier LOL.


“Fight gone bad”
3 rounds, *1:00 AMRAP per movement –
Cal row
Wall balls
Box jumps
SDLHP [(65#)]
Push press
*actually just 0:45 work, remaining 0:15 used to change stations

For first 2 rounds, I did about 12 reps for everything except 15 for wall balls and 7-cal for row. On the last round, did 15 reps for everything and 10-cal row.