CF log 22/06/17 (Thu)

Strength day. Still feeling quite lethargic though… but no more rest days till Sunday! #determinedlol

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [3x 60.8kg, 2x 64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [2x 69.4kg, 3x 74.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 92.6kg]

Strict press [28.6kg to 40.2kg]
Bench press [33.6kg to 49.3kg]
Deadlift [69.4kg to 102.1kg]

Cooool! Didn’t know I managed to hit 100kg today? Haha yay! :) Just for my reference, bar was loaded with (each side) 45#, two 15#, 10# and a 5kg plate – for my last rep.

CF log 20/06/17 (Tue)

Wahhh my body felt damn lethargic/tired today. Like… I felt that I didn’t have as much strength as I should have (does that even make sense)?? Hahaha.


3 x 3 back squats [2x 69.4kg, 74.4kg]

3 x 2 power snatch [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg]
3 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [51.8kg, 2x 55.8kg]


5 rounds –
60 DUs
30 GHDs
15 OHS [(95#)]

I only did 4 rounds and it prolly took me around 35min lol :P

CF log 15/06/17 (Thu)

Decided to go for strength day today since I could reach work late. Was asked to go for some off-site visit in the morning so only meeting my colleague at 10.30am! Which means I didn’t have to rush after cf… so chill morning! Was thinking of just going back home to sleep after wod, but just nice Anny texted me last night to say she was thinking of going too, so we could have breakfast together! With some other morning class peeps :D

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [74kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 92.6kg] – actually not sure if 92.6 or 97.6 lol :P

7 x 3
Bench press [37.7kg to 45.2kg, 47.7kg – last rep assisted]
Strict press [29.1kg to 35.6kg]
Deadlift [78.5kg to 97.6kg]

Toast Box for breakfast! :D Ate and talked till 10am before starting my work day hahaha.

CF log 13/06/17 (Tue)


5 x 1 snatch [37.7kg to 55.8kg]
4 x 3 snatch high pull [2x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]

Back squats –
4 x 2 [60.4kg to 74.4kg]
3 x 1 [78.5kg to 88.5kg]

Not very sure if I went up to 90+kg for the squats though I thought I did hit 205#?? But when I think back about how we added the weights, I can’t seem to get that number hm. Oh well, the weight is about there anyway hahaha.


4 rounds –
6 front rack lunges [(95#)]
12 power C&J
18 GHD
20 lateral jumps over bar

Took about 20-23min to complete! I thought it was not bad a wod actually. Might even consider it fun? :P

CF log 08/06/17 (Thu)

Strength day. Been a while since I did this cos I always designate strength day to be my rest day haha.

Still hasn’t changed after so long. Warm-up with 10-1 burpee pull-ups then,

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 3x 88.5kg]

Bench press [37.7kg to 47.7kg – 2nd rep assist, 50.2kg – assisted]
Strict press [28.6kg to 37.7kg]

There were deadlifts too but I sprained my left lower back after the last strict press and stopped doing >< Coach used the power dot on me and it was quite shiok? Hahah!

CF log 06/06/17 (Tue)

Somehow woke up feeling really tired today and even contemplated going for the evening class…. but I’m busy tonight so morning it was :P


7 x 2 back squat [60.4kg to 88.5kg]

7 x 1 squat snatch [37.7kg to 53.1kg] – tried for 60.8kg but missed
4 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [60.8kg] – only did 3 sets


18:00 AMRAP –
12-cal row
15 box jumps
12 TTB
9 push jerks [(85#)]

Managed 4 rounds + 12-cal row + 4 box jumps. But I finished up my box jumps after the time-cap just to make it a nice 4.5 rounds haha.

CF log 22/05/17 (Mon)


Back squats –
3 x 5 [57.7kg, 62.7kg, 66.8kg]
3 x 1 [75.8kg, 85.8kg, 90.8kg]

After that, realised it was supposed to be 3 x 3 and not 5 lol. It was written wrongly on the board, and by the time it was changed, I already did 3 sets of 5 haha.

Squat clean + jerk –
4 x 3 [46.8kg]
1 x 2 [51.8kg]
3 x 1 [55.8kg, 60.8kg] – only managed 2 sets with the limited time ><


2 rounds –
5:00 EMOM – 10-8-6-4-2 squat clean thrusters [85#]
Rest 3-min
5:00 EMOM 10 ring dips

I started with ring dips. Did only an average of 5 per min lol. The clusters were killer and impossible to finish the rep scheme in the given time?! The first round I did 10-6-4-4-6 and the second I did 8-6-6-5-3/4 (though I was aiming for 8-6-6-6-6 cos that would enable me to complete all the reps albeit not in the same scheme haha). I finished up the remaining reps after time was up for the 2nd round though. Superrr shag >< We actually all thought it was only one round of everything at first cos the rounds were not written on the board!

CF log 16/05/17 (Tue)

Wanted to slack a bit today cos felt quite tired hahah. Plus my shoulders feel kinda fatigued after the past few days of snatches :P But I think I still did quite close to my usual weights…. hahaha.


Back squats –
3 x 4 [60.4kg, 65.4kg, 69.4kg]
3 x 1 [74.4kg, 78.5kg, 88.5kg]

Hang squat snatch –
3 x 4 [2x 37.7kg, 40.2kg]
3 x 3 [2x 42.7kg, 46.8kg]

5 x 5 snatch high pull from ground [51.8kg]


3 rounds –
10 power clean [(105#)]
10 front squat
10 jerks
50 DUs

Quite shag >< Strung all my squats and jerks. DUs were oookay today; at least I didn’t take as long on them as I thought I would haha. Realised I can’t really use the ropes at box anymore – as in I keep tripping on them. It’s ok with my own rope though hm.

CF log 09/05/17 (Tue)


3 x 4 hang squat snatch [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg]
3 x 4 snatch high pull from mid-thigh [50kg, 2x 54.1kg]

Back squats –
3 x 5 [60.4kg, 65.4kg, 69.4kg]
3 x 1 [78.5kg to 92.6kg]


3 rounds –
9 power clean [(105#)]
15 deadlift [(185#)]
21 GHD

It was initially 5 rounds then coach realised it was too long? HAHA. When she asked what round I was at, I was only at the first hahahaha. So she reduced it to 3 rounds, which was MUCH MORE manageable! The deadlifts were the killer for me x.x On a separate note, 3rd day in a row doing lots of power cleans for the wod D:

CF log 04/05/17 (Thu)

Strength day.


5 x 10 wall balls [6kg]


15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg, 4x 74.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 2x 93.5kg]

7 x 3
Deadlift [69.9kg to 92.6kg]
Strict press [28.6kg to 2x 37.7kg] – missed last rep on 2nd last set though :P
Bench press [37.7kg to 46.8kg]

On my 6th set of bench, I did 46.8kg, but last rep was assisted by coach. When I did the last set, I only managed 2 before racking the bar back. Then coach said “got one more rep” lol so I went back to do it. After I finished, I noticed that there was an additional 1.25kg on each side?! HAHA. Must be she added when I wasn’t looking and idk if she added on my last set, or last rep :P I’m guessing it was added at the start of the last set that’s why I could not even do one rep unassisted?! Hahaha :P