CF log 12/09/17 (Tue)


4 rounds in team of 3, rotate between –
10 GHD
Plank hold while team member completes GHD

Teamed with Belle and Gladys!


With a partner –
2001m row
3 rounds –
9 rope climbs
11 bear complex [(105#)] – p clean, fsquat, push press, bsquat, BTN push press

I thought the wod was quite fun (in commemoration of 9-11)! Except that rope climbs tired me out a lot >< Partnered Belle cos I went for evening class hurhur. I actually had a headache that day and took panadols from my colleague before wod… but still felt a bit of headache while wodding so tried to take things slower haha.


CF log 26/06/17 (Mon)

I am sooo happy that it’s a holiday today. Getting really sick of work….

Workout was pretty ok today. Don’t really feel that tired after everything, just muscle fatigue? Lats and shoulders for me.

20:00 EMOM bear complex [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg]
(1 p clean, 1 push press, 1 front squat, 1 back squat, 1 BTN push press)
*every 5min add weight

Last 10min stayed at the same weight for me. Ok, I did try to increase it to 56.8kg, but I failed 2 rounds. First round died at the BTN push press, then second at the push press… so decided to just drop back to previous weight (since all the smaller weights were used up too) :/ A bit disappointed with myself tbh, but oh well~

Did core work after the EMOM too.

3 rounds –

0:40 heel touches
0:20 rest

0:40 alternate V-ups
0:20 rest

0:30 hip raises (L)
0:30 hip raises (R)
1:00 rest

I was a bit surprised at how much my core hurt from those exercises LOL. Maybe just #weak ><

CF log 12/09/16 (Mon)

HARI RAYA HAJI. 9am class. (Maybe I should start putting timings of classes that I go for? :P)


45:00 EMOM 1 bear complex
= 1 p clean + 1 front squat + 1 push press (front) + 1 back squat + 1 BTN push press
[2x 37.5kg, 10x 42.5kg, 44.1kg/46.6kg for the rest]

Supposed to be at 80% of 1RM squat clean but that would have been quite insane.

Even with the heavier weights I used, I missed like 5 BTN push presses (or smth like that). Was quite disappointed lol.

CF log 10/11/15 (Tue)

IT’S THE LAST DAY OF MY LONG WEEKEND T_T also the actual public holiday that contributed to my long weekend hehe (Deepavali!).


7-min EMOM –
1 bear complex (power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, BTN push press)

Shared a bar with Anny and cos I could not do as heavy as her, we had to keep changing the weights (e.g., swapping the 10# to a 2.5kg), which took up time during the minute >< So in the end we only managed to complete 6 sets each. Out of the 6 sets, I only managed legit bear complexes for 2-3 sets I think; with 42.7kg (95#). When I added more weight to 45.2kg or (even tried one with) 46.8kg, I either couldn’t do a proper push press (from front) cos I double-dipped; and/or failed the BTN push press -.- WEAKKK omg D: And we were ideally sposed to reach 80-90% of 1RM C&J lol.


“The Chief”
5 rounds of 3-min AMRAP –
3 power clean [(95#)]
6 push up
9 air squat
(3-min rest after each round)

1st round: 4 rds + 4 push up
2nd round: 5 rds
3rd round: 4 rds + 8 squat (1 more squat to 5!)
4th round: 4 rds + 3 clean
5th round: 4 rds + 3 squat