CF log 04/08/17 (Fri) + happy friday!


5 x 5 front squats [55.8kg, 60.8kg, 3x 64.9kg]

Power snatch –
3 x 2 [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg]
3 x 1 [51.8kg]

4 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [3x 55.8kg, 60.8kg]


3 rounds –
10 front squats (clean from ground) [(135#)]
20 C2B
50 DUs

The front squats were DAMN BAD. First round was manageable… struggling a bit already. Second round was really a push and I totally felt like I was pushing myself damn hard to complete 10 reps at a go. And the 3rd round I just gave up and did 5-5 hahaha. Front squats killed me T_T If not I’d think the rest is quite manageable…? Thankfully only 3 rounds.

Anyway, feeling very happy this Friday haha! Cos I’ve completed the minutes for my weekly big meeting yesterday, hence freeing up my Friday :D The meeting’s usually on Fridays and it’ll be a mad rush to get the minutes out on the day itself.

Plus!!! Finally had the one to one session with my boss to talk about my current work. I’m quite happy that I managed to air all my grievances LOL. The whole “feedback” session was really just me complaining in a nicer manner :P He sorta explained why some things are the way they are too… but I just took them all with a pinch of salt cos I still feel like he’s not 100% trustworthy lol.


CF log 02/08/17 (Wed)

Not sure why it’s cleans day again, but not complaining! :P


5 x 4 push press [35kg to 49.1kg]
5 x 4 push jerk [49.1kg to 58.1kg]

5 x 3 power clean [44.1kg to 58.1kg]
4 x 3 clean high pull from ground [58.1kg]


10 rounds –
4 C2B
8 DB snatches (4L,4R) [(22.5kg)]
10 wall balls

I liked the fact that we didn’t have to do alternating hand for the DB snatches. I can do it faster with multiple reps on the same hand because, momentum hahaha. I needa figure out how to string my C2Bs :/ Always losing the momentum once I come down. C2Bs actually felt ok today cos I could get my chest to touch the bar with less effort than usual! :)

Finished slightly after 8am today but quite happy managed to finish all 10 rounds!

CF log 26/07/17 (Wed)

On one hand, I’m “yayy midweek!!” and on the other it’s like “omg only wednesday” haha. But either way, one day closer to Friday and the weekends!!! I’m still not in work mood after being out of office for so many days T_T


0:00-5:00 EMOM 4 squat snatch [37.7kg]
5:00-10:00 EMOM 6 squat C&J [37.7kg]

I did 6 the first min of C&Js then 4 the next and 5 for the rest… so average only 5 each time lol. This felt so bad.


2 sets –
3 rounds Ben Burgeon beep test
35-cal bike
*beep test = 7 DB thrusters [(15kg)], 7 C2B, 7 burpee box jumps

This felt bad too.. It was C2B but I think I cheated and did some pull-ups in between >< There was sposed to be another 3 rounds of beep test after this but really no one could finish by 8am so those last 3 rounds were removed haha. S H A G.

CF log 15/05/17 (Mon)

New week. Back to the 5-day work week life.

Those who didn’t go for class yesterday did the partner wod, while the rest (like me) did another wod.


Front squats –
3 x 4 [2x 60.4kg, 65.4kg]
3 x 1 [69.4kg, 2x 78.5kg]

Squat snatch –
3 x 4 [2x 37.7kg, 42.7kg]
3 x 3 [42.7kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg]

Was quite happy that I managed to do 3 reps of the 51.8kg one! A bit unstable at the last rep, but still made it :D


5 rounds –
8 DB snatch (25kg) [22.5kg]
10 ring dips
12 C2B

I think I only did 4 rounds + 6 HSPU (cos combined all the HSPUs of 4th and 5th round). But idk everyone else seemed to be already done with 5? So not sure if I counted wrongly (i.e. should have alr been at last round but I thought I was at 4th), or I was just damn slow?? :/ Even my ring dips were not that slow today. But anyway it was alr 8am when I finished what I thought was my 4th round. So I just stopped anyway lol.

CF log 07/05/17 (Sun)

Partner Anny is finally back again yay! :D And it was a partner wod today :)

Shared reps with partner –
50 box jumps
50 C2B
50 KB swings [(24kg)]
50 front squats [(105#)]
50 TTB
50 push jerks
50 deadlifts
50 wall balls
50 power cleans
100 DUs (rx: 50 triple-unders! :O)
50 thrusters

Omg there were so many movements I’m not sure if I really got everything down?? ^^” It was 30 reps of everything initially, but cos we did the wod too fast, coach changed it to 50 reps each! Anny and I were already at the jerks when she announced that… but she said we had to make up the 50 reps for the previous movements too so we went back to them after finishing our 50 thrusters! Managed to finish everything just in time before the next class :D It was quite fun for me!

CF log 07/01/17 (Tue)

Took so so much effort to get out of bed today haha. Just didn’t feel like going esp since my workout partner won’t be there. But I just thought of the crazy amount of snacks I ate post-dinner the night before (ice-cream, stick biscuits, wafer biscuits, chocolates…) and I’m like – I HAVE TO GO lol. Rest is for tomorrow if I really want to :P

So I went lor.


3 x 3 back squats [69.4kg, 78.5kg, 87.6kg]

6 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg]
4 x 4 snatch high pull from ground [51.8kg to 60.8kg]

Last set of snatches and snatch high pull felt really close to my limit.


2 rounds –
3 power snatch [(95#)]
7 pull-ups + 7 ring dips (rx: ring MUs)

2 rounds –
9 power clean [(95#)]
12 front squat
15 C2B

Was an ok wod. Somehow the power snatches felt kinda heavy? And I am so not used to the snatch grip OHS, so thankfully it was just 5 reps haha. Did strict pull ups for the scaled down version of MUs.

I realised sometimes my C2Bs don’t have my chest touching the bar, but I do pull myself high enough (bar below collar bone)… is it a rep lol?

CF log 28/02/17 (Tue)

Coach was late today haha! So we started everything pretty late, no warm up whatsoever :P


3 x 3 back squat [60.4kg, 69.4kg, 78.5kg]

5 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg, 2x 46.8kg]
4 x 4 snatch high pull [51.8kg]


5 rounds –
15 OHS
12 C2B

5 rounds –
15-cal row
10 ring dips

Actually finished the strength part pretty fast! But still didn’t manage to finish the wod; it was too long! D: Only did 4 rounds of the OHS thing, and 2 rounds for the row part before it was 8am and time for me to shower and head to work haha.

It’s coach’s birthday today! There was cake, but we didn’t cut it. I think partly cos a lot of people were still doing the wod way past 8 lol.

CF log 27/02/17 (Mon)

Back still aching from 17.1 >< Feels like it’s been a while since I ached so bad!

Got asked to sign up for open lol; though I really just wanted to do the wods for fun without signing up :/ Gonna be missing one week of the workout cos overseas… and even if I did it, I still wouldn’t qualify. So why sign up leh! :P hahaha.

But yeah… guess I’m still gonna sign up and see how.


Every 2:00 for 14:00 (7 rounds) –
Run 1 lap + 6 TTB

Then lots of my weakest and most disliked movement for class today – thrusters D:


5 x 3 push jerk [37.7kg to 55.8kg]
5 x 2 BTN push jerk [42.7kg to 51.8kg]

4 x 8 squat clean to thrusters (I.e. clusters) [(95#)]

Used the rx weight for clusters but did not follow the rep scheme cos really cmi hahaha. Instead, I ended up doing 4 x 5 then 2 x 6 :P


2 rounds –
10 thrusters [(105#)]
20 C2B

Managed to string 5 thrusters each time :) Getting consistent with the 105#. It was the C2Bs that slowed me down ><

CF log 13/02/17 (Mon)

Start of another weeeek. And today will most likely be the only weekday I’m wodding T_T Needa pack tonight for camp from Wed to Fri… so doubt I’ll be able to wake up on time tmr :P (got rcia on tues night so confirm no time to pack :/)


3 x 3 back squat @ 80%  [74.4kg]
3 x 3 squat snatch @ 80% [46.8kg]

Took so long to be able to get 3 reps of the snatches. First 2 times I tried at that weight kept missing my 2nd reps; got the bar overhead but lost balance each time >< Then I was like if I don’t make 3 snatches the 3rd time, I’m gonna drop to 95# (42.7kg) lol. And I made it! So did the remaining 2 sets at that weight lo :P The very last rep of my last set of snatches was soooo unstable though haha.


50 wall balls [(6kg)]
40 DB squat cleans [(15kg per side)]
30-cal row
20 C2B

Took almost 20min, but still finished before class ended so had time to rest (shiok lol). The DB cleans were the worst >< Back and legs were so tired after that though it was just 15kg DBs :/