CF log 06/10/17 (Wed)


3 x 5 thrusters [(95#)]
3 x 3 thrusters [(105#)]
3 x 1 thrusters [(125#)

Waaa I actually made the 125# one! First time doing thrusters at 125# hahaha. Is it I PR LOL x)  Didn’t TnG for the 5 reps sets; max I could do was 3 haha. But managed TnG for the 105# though! :) I missed one of the 125# but tried again and made it!


3 rounds –
12 DB reverse lunges (22.5kg) [20kg]
9 DB C&J [17.5kg]
6 pull-ups + 6 ring dips (rx: 6 bar MUs)

It was initially written as 5 rounds but coach changed it to 3 – I guess after seeing that a lot of us were struggling hahaha. Seriously though, the wod looked ok… but when I got to it, it was quite intense. I think the DB C&Js were the worst. You see, I didn’t even rx the DB movements ><

Anyway I ended up doing 4 rounds cos there was about 10min left for me to do my last round… which was sufficient! And there were still a lot of people doing the wod. So yep, decided to go for it instead of just ending early hahah. Such a shag (unexpectedly) wod though ><


CF log 07/08/17 (Mon)

Decided to sleep in today cos slept late + couldn’t sleep well last night. Went for the evening class instead! It was quite a dreary Monday at work. Felt kinda ‘sian’ the whole afternoon~~ (morning was ok cos there was a meeting on some exciting project and I managed to grab some free food from another one of PA’s events hahah).



5 x 5 back squat [57.7kg to 80.8kg]

Squat snatch –
4 x 2 [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg, 46.8kg]
2 x 1 [51.8kg, 55.8kg]

Supposed to do 4 x 2 snatch high pulls but Shawn (who was coaching this evening) told me to try going heavier for the squat snatch and made me do 60.8kg — which I managed haha. Even at that weight it was a PR already!! Then he was like “just try for 1 RM, no need to do the high pulls” HAHA. Then he proceeded to add another 1.25kg on each side of my bar – 63.3kg now.

AND YAYYY I MADE IT!!! Managed to stand it up before my arm gave way LOL. Cos I think my left arm hyper-extended a bit so it was a teeny bit uncomfortable at that weight ><


3 rounds –
Run 2 laps (~300m)
15 power C&J [105# or 115#?]
75 DUs

I swear the C&J rx was 105#! So I did it for the first round… and when I finished the 5th rep of my 2nd round, Shawn came over to ask where are my 2.5kg clamps – he said it was 115#! Looked over and saw that Yzanne added the clamps so ok… I let him add the clamps to 115# cos maybe I really saw wrongly. So did the rest of the wod at 115# hahaha.

But after the wod, I went to the board to check again…. and it was 105# leh hahaha. It was just slightly illegible handwriting :P Oh well, better to do heavier than lighter eh? ^^”

CF log 16/06/16 (Fri)

Lol so can’t believe I went to cf again today though I have not rested this week yet :P But it was good cos got a nice choc caramel tart from Whitney! :D Then I had it in office after breakfast… didn’t even need to put in fridge LOL.

Oh, and David came this morn!! :D


5 x 3 push jerk [37.7kg to 60.8kg]
5 x 2 BTN push jerk [46.8kg to 64.9kg]

First time going sooo heavy for BTNs!

5 x 3 power clean [46.8kg, 3x 55.8kg, 60.8kg – 2 reps]


15 power clean (105#)]
15 burpee over bar
50 DUs

10 power clean [(125#)]
10 burpee over bar
50 DUs

5 power clean [(135#)]
5 burpee over bar
50 DUs

CF log 02/06/17 (Fri)

From last night, already felt like I needed to crossfit this morning. It was quite a sucky night and I just needed somewhere to vent, something to do. If I had my own cf gym, I would totally have went to workout already haha.


It was not a bad workout today. Quite manageable. Nothing to intense (though I might have liked something more intense for my mood LOL).


7 x 2 front squats [60.4kg to 78.5kg, 83.5kg – 1 rep]

8 x 1 squat C&J [46.8kg to 2x 69.9kg]
5 x 3 clean high pull from ground [2x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]

Quite happy that I managed to do that (almost) 70kg C&J :) Used push jerks today cos it’s been quite a while since I did heavy split jerks. Jerks were quite ugly cos for both reps I couldn’t lock out fast enough and ended up in a bit of a strict press for the last bit haha. Still, made it! C&J PR :)


3 rounds –
Run 1 lap (~200m)
16 deadlift [(155#)]
60 DUs

Saw DUs and got quite sian already. Tripped on DUs A LOT for the first round. Only started to get it better in 2nd and 3rd. Overall an ok wod~

CF log 19/05/17 (Fri)


Front squats –
3 x 5 [57.7kg to 66.8kg]
3 x 1 [71.8kg to 80.8kg] – yayyy!

Squat clean –
4 x 3 [42.7kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg]
3 x 3 [55.8kg, 60.8kg, 64.9kg]

Finally doing some cleans again! Happy that I managed to hit 64.9kg (~145#) for my last 3 rep set!! :D Don’t think I’ve ever gone so heavy. A bit of a struggle at the last rep but yay still managed to stand it up!

5 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]

Yeahhh my high pull weight is lower than my clean weight LOL. Cos I realised when I do cleans I may not really pull it very high, but instead focus more on the “going under”. Perhaps if I learnt to pull higher I will find it easier to clean… and clean more?? (then again I’m limited by my front squats lol).


16:00 EMOM (rotate among the 4 movements) –
10 KB front rack lunges (16kg; 1 KB on each hand) [12kg]
10 deficit push-ups [hands on 45# plates]
10 DB box step-ups [(15kg on each hand, 60″ box)]
0:50 plank hold

Step-ups were the hardest for me. And the KB lunges were just awkward cos I still don’t really know how to do KB cleans lol. Any heavier, I may not have been able to clean it up properly cos no technique haha.

CF log 04/05/17 (Thu)

Strength day.


5 x 10 wall balls [6kg]


15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg, 4x 74.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 2x 93.5kg]

7 x 3
Deadlift [69.9kg to 92.6kg]
Strict press [28.6kg to 2x 37.7kg] – missed last rep on 2nd last set though :P
Bench press [37.7kg to 46.8kg]

On my 6th set of bench, I did 46.8kg, but last rep was assisted by coach. When I did the last set, I only managed 2 before racking the bar back. Then coach said “got one more rep” lol so I went back to do it. After I finished, I noticed that there was an additional 1.25kg on each side?! HAHA. Must be she added when I wasn’t looking and idk if she added on my last set, or last rep :P I’m guessing it was added at the start of the last set that’s why I could not even do one rep unassisted?! Hahaha :P

CF log 24/01/17 (Tue)


10 x 1 (full) snatch [37.7kg to 55.8kg]

YAY PR! Like, finally doing a 125# snatch – 45# plates per side! :D I should take a video soon if I can? :P

3 x 3 snatch high pull [55.8kg, 58.3kg, 60.8kg]


Thrusters [(85#)]
Pull-up + ring dips [rx: 9-7-5 MU]
Wall ball [(6kg)]
Box jumps
KB swing [(24kg)]

Took more than half an hour for this! I didn’t do my last 9 ring dips cos it was 8am and I had to go. Time capped myself :P hahaha. Super shag wod.

CF log 20/07/16 (Wed)

Woke up to flashes of lightning and thunder this morning. But I really wanted to go today cos I get to practise TTB during the wod and squat cleans after (cos smolov rest day haha). So I got up and left the house earlier, just in case there was gonna be a thunderstorm and I won’t be able to leave my house later haha.


5 sets –
1 hang squat clean + 1 push press
+ 1 hang squat clean + 2 push jerks
+ 1 hang squat clean + 3 split jerks
[35kg, 2x 40kg, 2x 42.5kg]

7:00 EMOM front squats –
[60.8kg(5), 64.9kg(4), 69.9kg(3), 74.9kg(1)]


10 rounds –
11 burpees
7 power cleans [(85#)]

Quite tiring while doing the wod, but recovered quite fast? Again did it at some slow and steady pace hahaha. Quite happy with my TTB cos I managed to string quite a few! :) There was one round I managed to string all 9 yay! But still needa get more consistent at it.

Did a bit of squat cleans after class today cos practise a bit for AFT. Managed to hit 70kg squat clean – new PR (70.2kg to be exact to my usual 1 dp hahaha)! Not very perfect cos my back started to round a bit as I was getting up from the squat position >< But at least I got it up! Shall aim for 75kg on the actual day?? In the meantime I should still practise a bit more to get the form nicer :P hahahaha.

CF log 08/07/16 (Fri)

MADE IT TO THE END OF THIS WEEK. Though i’m jobless, it is still quite shag to be waking up early for all the intense workouts HAHA. Furthermore, this week was my day 8-12 consecutive days of workout. (12th consecutive today; but gonna make it 13 tomorrow, before I rest on Sunday hahaha)

Strength day!

We did medicine ball partner throws and sit-ups for warm-up.

EMOM back squat –
5:00 5 reps [2x 60.8kg, 3x 63.3kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [74.4kg, 78.5kg, 83.5kg, 87.6kg (missed), 83.5kg]

Bench press [33.6kg worked to 47.7kg]
Deadlift [69.4kg worked to 92.6kg (2 reps)] – tried 97.6kg for 1 rep, but failed

Smolov Jr.

Week 1 Day 3 –
8 x 4 front squats @ 85% [140#]

CF log 10/06/16 (Fri)

I reailsed I didn’t do a log on the last day of crossfit before my holiday, i.e. Strength day which is also the day I hit a new PR for my deadlifts. FINALLY. I think I need to video it one day haha.

So anyway, back-dating this entry.

EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg worked to 2x 87.6kg]

Bench press [33.6kg worked to 46.8kg]
Deadlift [69.4kg worked to 101.6kg/225#]