CF log 06/10/17 (Wed)


3 x 5 thrusters [(95#)]
3 x 3 thrusters [(105#)]
3 x 1 thrusters [(125#)

Waaa I actually made the 125# one! First time doing thrusters at 125# hahaha. Is it I PR LOL x)  Didn’t TnG for the 5 reps sets; max I could do was 3 haha. But managed TnG for the 105# though! :) I missed one of the 125# but tried again and made it!


3 rounds –
12 DB reverse lunges (22.5kg) [20kg]
9 DB C&J [17.5kg]
6 pull-ups + 6 ring dips (rx: 6 bar MUs)

It was initially written as 5 rounds but coach changed it to 3 – I guess after seeing that a lot of us were struggling hahaha. Seriously though, the wod looked ok… but when I got to it, it was quite intense. I think the DB C&Js were the worst. You see, I didn’t even rx the DB movements ><

Anyway I ended up doing 4 rounds cos there was about 10min left for me to do my last round… which was sufficient! And there were still a lot of people doing the wod. So yep, decided to go for it instead of just ending early hahah. Such a shag (unexpectedly) wod though ><


CF log 22/08/17 (Tue)

Back at crossfit in the morning, after going for a session last evening lol. 12hrs apart is a bit insane. But I made it. Was so tempted to skip today but glad I didn’t.

“I wish I didn’t wake up for the wod” – said no one, ever hahaha.


5 x 4 back squats [60.4kg to 83.5kg]

7 x 1 squat snatch [37.7kg to 55.8kg] – missed last 2 at 60.8kg then 58.3kg
5 x 5 snatch grip deadlift @ 75% of snatch, pause at dip position before standing [51.8kg]

This part was so similar to last night. Actually even the warm-up was similar cos we did tabata with DUs again. Except that it was alternated with jumping pull ups today instead of air squats (yesterday).


21-cal bike (30-cal for guys)

Then 5 rounds –
30 DUs
7 DB hang squat clean (20kg) [15kg first round; the rest rx 20kg]

Then 20 pull-ups + 20 ring dips (rx: 10 MUs)

Took 20-25min for the wod haha. At 8am I only just finished the 5 rounds. The DB cleans were quite tough! The DB kept hitting my wrist as I let them down after each rep… gonna get bruises there now >< I think my wrist needs to be stronger and less “floppy” so I can hold the DBs in position such that they don’t flop around and hit my wrist so much next time? Is that the right line of thought/logic? Hahaha :P

CF log 24/06/17 (Sat)

I’m am so so so happy that the long weekend is finally here. End of a really shitty week.

Shared reps with partner –
100 DB snatches [(20kg)]
80 DB OH lunges (40L,40R)
60-cal bike
40 burpee box jumps
20 DB clusters
10 rope climbs/peg board
*1 rope climb = 1/2 peg board height

Partnered Whitney and we decided to go for the rope climbs instead… so I still haven’t managed to try the peg board. Was thinking to maybe try after class, but we finished with hardly time to spare before the next class used the space, so… hahah. Oh well, maybe next time then! WOD was pretty alright today actually. The clusters were the worst.

CF log 17/06/17 (Sat)

8th day in a row going for cf haha. Been a while since I had such a long streak?? It is really getting quite tiring though :P Body feeling a bit fatigued.


7 x 1 C&J [46.8kg to 2x 64.9kg]
4 x 2 front squat [69.4kg]


DB hang squat clean [(15kg)]
Cal bike

Then… I ate the whole morning since I got home ><

CF log 05/03/17 (Sun)

So, tried out the 17.2 for real today.


12:00 AMRAP –

2 rounds –
50′ walking lunges (rest db on shoulders)
16 TTB
8 DB power clean [(15kg)]

2 rounds –
50′ walking lunges (rest db on shoulders)
16 bar MUs
8 DB power clean [(15kg)]

As expected, died at the bar MUs cos still CANNOT DO T_T Why I got no #OpenMagic and #firstbarMU D: hahaha.

I finished the first 2 rounds at 5:14, then prolly finished the lunges before MUs by the 6th minute. I must say those 15kg DBs felt damn heavy! And it’s really quite tiring to be walking with that weight on your shoulders ><

A bit sad/sian that I still don’t have the MU lol. Seriously need to get it by this year so I can do them by next year’s opens (regardless whether I sign up)!!!

I continued to try it out after my shot at 17.2, but still cmi… ended up getting rips on both hands instead D:

So, because it was such a fail 17.2, decided to go for the 10am regular class with Anny :P

2 rounds of:

3:00 AMRAP –
10 thrusters [(85#)]
10 sit-ups
3:00 rest

3:00 AMRAP –
10 power clean [(85#)]
10 burpees
3:00 rest

3:00 AMRAP –
10 deadlift [(155#)]
10 box jumps
3:00 rest

The 3:00 rest happens while you are waiting for your buddy/partner to finish their 3:00 AMRAP; so one-work-one-rest style of wod.

I managed to do at least 2 rounds for each of the 3:00 AMRAPs till then end so quite pleased haha. For the rounds I did more than 2, it’s just like 2-3 more reps of cleans/thrusters lol so quite negligible :P

CF log 13/02/17 (Mon)

Start of another weeeek. And today will most likely be the only weekday I’m wodding T_T Needa pack tonight for camp from Wed to Fri… so doubt I’ll be able to wake up on time tmr :P (got rcia on tues night so confirm no time to pack :/)


3 x 3 back squat @ 80%  [74.4kg]
3 x 3 squat snatch @ 80% [46.8kg]

Took so long to be able to get 3 reps of the snatches. First 2 times I tried at that weight kept missing my 2nd reps; got the bar overhead but lost balance each time >< Then I was like if I don’t make 3 snatches the 3rd time, I’m gonna drop to 95# (42.7kg) lol. And I made it! So did the remaining 2 sets at that weight lo :P The very last rep of my last set of snatches was soooo unstable though haha.


50 wall balls [(6kg)]
40 DB squat cleans [(15kg per side)]
30-cal row
20 C2B

Took almost 20min, but still finished before class ended so had time to rest (shiok lol). The DB cleans were the worst >< Back and legs were so tired after that though it was just 15kg DBs :/

CF log 11/10/16 (Tue)

We did the usual snatch drills as warm-up again cos there were snatches today lol. High pulls, push presses, snatch balance… they’re good some days but bad on others. It was not too bad today hehe.


Squat snatch
1 x 3 @ 65% [28.6kg]
2 x 3 @ 70% [37.7kg]
3 x 3 @ 75% [42.7kg]

Snatch pull (from hang)
3 x 3 @ 90% [46.8kg]
2 x 3 @ 95% [51.8kg]


10 man makers [(15kg)]
10 DB lunges (5L/5R)
10 DB box step-ups (5L/5R)

I think I took about 25min lol. For this seemingly short wod! The man makers were the hardest for me. So each rep is first, a push up with each hand holding/resting on dumbbell, then (in that elbows extended plank position of the push up) lift right dumbbell to chest, lift left dumbbell to chest, then jump forward (like a burpee), and finally do a power clean and jerk! 15kg was no joke hahah ><

CF log 26/04/16 (Tue)

I spent the night doing last minute packing and I actually wanna sleep soon. But realised that I have not logged so gonna just do a no-frills one :P


Front squats –
1 x 5 @ 60% [46.8kg]
3 x 3 @ 70-80% [2x 60.4kg, 65.4kg]
5 x 1 @ 90% [69.4kg, 74.4kg, 3x 78.5kg]

10:00 EMOM 1 full squat snatch
[33.6kg worked to 46.8kg] – but missed last rep (one of the 46.8kg)


3 rounds –
15 wall balls
12 DB deadlifts
9 DB hang power clean
6 DB jerks
*DB = [(15kg)]

Quite a quick workout! But I don’t really like DB movements cos they feel kinda weirddd :P

CF log 17/02/16 (Wed)

Warm-up was foam rolling today. HOW SHIOK IS THAT HAHA. Fav kinda warm-up xD


6 rounds –
0:45 HSPU
0:15 rest
0:45 DUs
0:15 rest

Every 2:00 for 12:00 1 p clean + 1 push jerk + 1 (squat) clean + 1 push jerk
[37.7kg, 42.7kg, 45.2kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg, 54.3kg, 56.8kg (missed last jerk)]


3 rounds –
10 DB clean to thrusters [(12.5kg)]
24 pistols

Sposed to be a 10:00 AMRAP, but coach said she knows some pple will slack so she made it 3 rounds hahahaha. She knows us well xD I think I took 1-2min more than 10min to finish this :P I thought the DB cleans were so awkward hahahah. Like my motion didn’t feel very smooth at all!

(read more for some bitching :P)