CF log 10/12/17 (Sun)

Weekends are for partner wods :D It used to be just Sat, but recently we increasingly get partner wods on Sundays too!


4 x 15 unbroken deadlifts [(155#)]

It was quite shag. Idk how I strung 20 at this weight for AFT 2 years ago…. At my last set today, I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore LOL.


6 rounds with a partner (shared reps) –
10 squat cleans [(125#)]
20 pull-ups
50 DUs

Well, I only liked the cleans part of this workout hahaha. But after the deadlifts, even the cleans were hard to do. It was quite mental especially at the start when my arms and back were quite fatigued from the deadlifts! But as it went on and I warmed up I think it got a bit better? And quite happy I didn’t miss any reps~

The wod started out with 4 rounds… but as coach saw some of us doing it pretty quickly, she increased it to 5…. then finally 6 lol. Sharing reps with a partner made it more manageable hehe.

Went to toast box again after wod! This time with Anny too :D I played with Joey’s nanoblocks again hahaha. Build a ship from One Piece today! A toast box auntie saw us building it and was quite interested hahaha. She mentioned that she saw us building it yesterday morning too! Then she told us to bring more and build it again tmr HAHA. Cute la! We told her we had to work hahaha :P


CF log 05/12/17 (Tue)

Back at wod after a day of rest post #scsm2017 with the fam haha. All of us ran 21km! :D My mum wants it as an annual fam run lol.

My left calf still feels “knotted” – more like a cramp than an ache. But… cramps don’t last so long right :/

Still went for wod anyway!


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [35kg to 49.1kg, 53.1kg missed]

6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat snatch [35kg to 2x 44.1kg]
5 x 2 snatch grip deadlift [2x 66.8kg. 3x 71.8kg]

6:00 EMOM 5 front squat [3x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]


2 rounds –
20 DB snatch (10L,10R) [(22.5kg)]
20 TTB
20 box jumps
15-cal bike

Took about 20min. Was debating whether to do 20kg DBs or rx lol. Cos my shoulders were quite tired from snatches already :P But since it was just 2 rounds, decided to go for it and… no regrets! :D

CF log 30/11/17 (Thu)

YAY LAST DAY OF NOV. Somehow this month felt pretty long too. I wish December would feel long. I don’t want it to end so fast T_T Fave month of the year besides my birthday month HAHA.

Strength day! Cos I’m missing the weekend wods this week + didn’t wod on Monday. Needa get my workouts in :P

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [2x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [2x 69.4kg, 3x 74.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 87.6kg] – can’t rmb if I tried 92.7kg :/

15:00 EMOM 3-position pause deadlift [8x 55.8kg, 7x 60.8kg]

7 x 3
Bench press [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg, 4x 46.8kg]
BTN strict press [5x 28.6kg, 2x 33.6kg]

CF log 23/11/17 (Thu)

Went for strength day; which I don’t usually go for. Even coach knows and she asked why I went today LOL. Joey asked me too hahahah.

I went cos I didn’t wod yesterday and I felt guilty – esp cos I ate so much LOL. And I didn’t go cos I was lazy…. not due to lack of time/busy schedule haha.

So happy there was no EMOM deadlifts today! It’s the usual strength day that I know and like hehe.

Warm-up was 10-1 burpee pull-ups.

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [3x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [74.4kg, 78.5kg, 3x 83.5kg]

Hm lighter than usual but is ok. I was trying to work on not over-arching my lower back haha. Think it worked cos I didn’t feel that much strain on my lower back today!

7 x 3
Deadlift [74.4kg to 95.5kg] – ended at 6 sets
Bench press [40kg to 46.6kg]
BTN strict press [28.6kg]

Did this portion with Anny and Joey! :) Yay had friends at strength day today haha.

CF log 15/11/17 (Wed)


3-2-1 rounds sprint around building


2:00 deadset HSPU
1:00 rest
2:00 strict HSPU
1:00 rest
2:00 kipping HSPU
1:00 rest

Ermm actually all I could do was the kipping lol. Managed about 20! The deadset and strict were the essentially the same to me cos I can’t even do strict HSPUs, what more deadset – which requires pausing at bottom/top(?) hahaha. They were really all no reps la :P


5 rounds –
15 deadlifts [(155#)]
12 TTB
9-cal bike

Didn’t turn out as bad as I thought! Finished between 20-25min I think? I actually thought it was quite fun lol. Guess cos I could do all the movements quite comfortably – like not too easy or shag haha.

CF log 26/10/17 (Thu)

Finally went for another strength day cos I’ll be missing too much workout days if I don’t go this week ><

It’s still the same ol’ same ol’.

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 2x 87.6kg]

15:00 EMOM pause 2-position deadlift [125#]

7 x 3 BTN strict press [28.6kg]
7 x 3 bench press [35kg, 40kg, 5x 44.1kg]

CF log 21/07/17 (Sat)

Back to wod after resting for 2 days haha. Been feeling a bit under the weather too ><

Partner wod today!! But my partner overslept so I partnered Whitney! :)

Shared reps with partner –
Wall balls
Deadlifts [(155#)]
Cal row

We finished in 38:20. Whitney did 50 wall balls on her own in the first round LOL. I finished my 25, and waited at the rowers while she was completing her supposed last few wall balls (to make 25 each). Then I was wondering why she took so long HAHA. And when she saw me at rowers, she was wondering why I was there already hahahaha! Then she realised it was 25 each – she forgot lollol :P

We thought we did quite fast with minimal rest but still took pretty long! I guess it’s just quite a long wod haha?

CF log 11/10/17 (Wed)


5 rounds –
5 reps wall walk up and down 10kg plate(???)

Hahahaha. No idea what to call this warm-up… Basically there will be a bumper plate (lower one for girls) laid flat just in front of the wall, then had to go up to a wall walk position such that the plate ends up being somewhere under your head (sorta). Then, as though doing a HS walk, walk up and down the plate – moving one hand at a time. Right up, left up, right down, left down = 1 rep. (Not sure if I’ll understand this explanation when I look back on this log LOL).

Shoulders were really quite fried by that. It wasn’t easy T_T Plus my lats were dying from yesterday’s workout already.

But we still had to do our usual –

10-1 HSPUs
Shuttle run after each set


3 rounds –
10 deadlift (225#) [2x 92.6kg/205#, 1x 97.6kg/215#]
25 GHD
15-cal bike

Spent so long on the deadlifts >< RX too heavy for me cos that’s actually my 1 RM??? But still wanted to go as close as possible…. and decided to add weight on the last round just to try! Glad I did it though was dying D: My form was prolly getting bad haha.

After wod –

75 back extensions with 6kg ball

CF log 01/10/17 (Sun)

Side note: I am really happy it’s the new month cos I’ve spent too much in Sept and I can finally “reset” my budget!!!

We did team series events today. Apparently they didn’t do it yesterday haha. But cos there were so many people, we didn’t synchro the movements. It was just done as though we were doing the events alone hahaha.

I felt SO SHAGGG. Mentally and physically. I blame the sun yesterday.

And “Murph”. Or’d rather our variation of it… cos there were MORE PULL-UPS TODAY. AND RING DIPS. My shoulders and arms cry in pain T_T

“Team series event 5” (modified)
15:00 AMRAP –
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc…
Burpee box jumps
Deadlifts [(155#)]

“Team series event 6” (not synchronised)
DB snatches [(15kg)]
Bar MUs (scaled down to same reps of pull-ups and ring dips)

I shared equipment with Joyce. We did event 6 first. I was really dying at the pull-ups and ring dips LOL. My first few pull-ups especially were like shit cos it just felt damn effortful to pull myself up!

Then there was 5-7min of rest before we moved to event 5. The deadlifts killed me though it was just the usual 155# T_T I was doing them so slowly LOL. But ok, managed up to round of 18 reps. I completed the 18 deadlifts but not burpee box jumps.