CF log 16/10/17 (Mon)


10:00 EMOM 1 front squat [up to ~79kg]
10:00 EMOM 1 clean + split jerk [up to ~60kg]

Can’t rmb the weights I used for these cos I’m actually back logging this entry….. lol. Did power cleans all the way~ cos I don’t like to squat hahaha.


3 rounds –
75 DUs
50 air squats
15 power cleans [(105#)]


CF log 02/10/17 (Mon)


6 x 2 front squat [48.6kg to 77.7kg]

9:00 EMOM – 1 hang squat clean + 1 squat clean + 1 split jerk
[3x 44.1kg, 3x 49.1kg, 3x 53.1kg]


20-cal bike

5 rounds –
12 C2B
9 squat snatch [(85#)]

Snatches felt pretty heavy… I wanted to scale my C2Bs to pull-ups and actually did it for one round lol. But after that somehow decided to just try to pull myself higher to get the C2Bs. I didn’t have my chest touching the bar every rep, but at least I pulled high enough :P

CF log 20/09/17 (Wed)


3 x 3 front squat [64.9kg, 69.4kg, 74.4kg]


3 rounds –
12 deadlift [(105#)]
9 hang power clean
6 push jerks

500m row

2 rounds of exercises above, then 500m row

1 round of exercises above, then 500m row

It’s sorta a DT wod today! Didn’t feel my best lol. Felt a bit slow? :P But still a fun wod for me! :D Took less than half an hour so had about 15min to spare before end of class so had to do –

5 x 10 GHD
5 x 10 back extensions with 6kg ball

CF log 12/09/17 (Tue)


4 rounds in team of 3, rotate between –
10 GHD
Plank hold while team member completes GHD

Teamed with Belle and Gladys!


With a partner –
2001m row
3 rounds –
9 rope climbs
11 bear complex [(105#)] – p clean, fsquat, push press, bsquat, BTN push press

I thought the wod was quite fun (in commemoration of 9-11)! Except that rope climbs tired me out a lot >< Partnered Belle cos I went for evening class hurhur. I actually had a headache that day and took panadols from my colleague before wod… but still felt a bit of headache while wodding so tried to take things slower haha.

CF log 11/09/17 (Mon)


5 x 5 front squat [46.8kg to 64.9kg]

Sprained my back on the 2nd set I think >< Was only at 55.8kg! But still continued adding anyway :X And did the squats way slower than usual lol.

Squat clean & jerk –
4 x 2 [2x 46.8kg, 2x 51.8kg]
1 x 1 [55.8kg]

Left back was hurting, so used much lighter weights than my usual haha. I even used a belt, but it was not tight enough for me so didn’t provide as much support as it should have :P

5 x 5 deadlift with 3-sec pause at power position [55.8kg to 64.9kg]


Squat snatch [(95#)]

25-30min to complete. Was originally 65# but coach changed it to 95# D: Completed it despite my hurting back. Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt as much when I do snatches (vs. cleans/front squats). My C2Bs were not the best today either cos there were some reps I didn’t pull high enough but still counted them lol. Esp at the set of 21. But later on, after I’ve warmed up a bit, it got better~

CF log 05/09/17 (Tue)

Interestingly, it was a team wod today. On a weekday!

I was sooo hesitant to wake up for wod cos I was sleeping quite well haha. But glad I went in the end cos it was pretty fun :) Teamed with Whitney and Anny.

In teams of 3 –
100 power cleans [(105#)]
80 push jerks [115#]
60 fronts squats [115#]
40 clusters [115#]
*50-cal bike before each movement

All the reps and bike cals were shared. From jerks onwards, coach made us add 2.5kg more on each side of the bar to 115#. First time doing such heavy clusters! I was doing rep by rep; at most could only string 2 lol.

CF log 04/09/17 (Mon)

Back is aching from yesterday’s wod T_T But still decided to go this morning since I was awake anyway. The warmness woke me up :( But on the bright side, done my workout for the day so I can head home immediately after work! :D

I’m already looking forward to the end of the work day lol.


7 x 1 front squat [55.8kg to 78.5kg] – failed 83.5kg

Power C&J –
2 x 3 [46.8kg]
3 x 2 [51.8kg to 60.8kg]

5 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]


3 rope climb
20 deadlift [(175#)]
40 GHD
2 rope climb
15 deadlift
30 GHD
1 rope climb
10 deadlift
20 GHD

Thankfully deadlift weight remained the same lol. Didn’t bring knee sleeves to guard my shin from rope burn today, so Coach loaned one haha :P First 40 GHDs were the worst cos my abs are still aching from the 100 we did 2 days ago >< But overall wod was manageable I guess!

CF log 03/09/17 (Sun)

All my usual partners didn’t come today, but it was partner wod… so I partnered Coach haha! A bit the stress, but it was actually ok la :P

70 rounds, alternate with partner –
1 thruster [(105#)]
2 front squats
3 burpee over bar

About 40-45min to finish. Thankfully it was only 1 thruster each round haha. I think there was once we did a similar format workout and it was 3 thrusters…. that was bad ><

CF log 28/08/17 (Mon)

Was contemplating to go for evening class cos lazy LOL. But I wasn’t sleeping that well cos it got quite warm at the time I was supposed to wake up. So, oh well, got up to go for class haha.


5 x 4 front squat [55kg to 73.1kg]

7 x 1 squat C&J [44.1kg to 2x 67.2kg] – missed the jerk for the 2nd set of 67.2kg
5 x 5 clean high pull from ground [2x 53.1kg, 2x 58.1kg]


Squat snatch
x2 of pull-ups and ring dips (rx: MUs)