CF log 12/06/17 (Mon)


6 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg to 2x 51.8kg]
6 x 2 front squat [60.4kg to 78.5kg]


10 deadlift [(185#)]
10-cal bike
8 deadlift (225#) [195#]
15-cal bike
6 deadlift (255#) [205#]
20-cal bike
4 deadlift (285#) [215#]
25-cal bike
2 deadlift (295#) [225#]

Lol, totally couldn’t keep up with the increase in deadlift weights. My 1RM is only 225#?!! Well, at least I managed to get to it for the last 2 reps… :P Deadlifts are really one of my weakest movements!

CF log 04/06/17 (Sun)

IMO, quite a torturous wod today though it looked like two simple EMOMs haha.

Ok, I did think I would die at the second one because 10 front squats in a minute!!! I’m not good a many-reps-front-squats (if that’s even a thing hahaha).

Warmed up with 2 rounds of 20 wall ball sit-ups and 20 partner throws (each).


20:00 alternate EMOM –
10 deadlift [3x 46.8kg. 7x 51.8kg]
5 hang power clean

3:00 rest – which passed so quickly!!

20:00 alternate EMOM –
10 front squats [46.8kg]
5 push jerks

First EMOM was tiring but manageable. Then when it got to the 2nd one… after 3 rounds of each movement, I reduced the reps of my front squats to 8. REALLY CANNOT TAHAN. I told myself ok I’ll push for 10 at the last round…. BUT CANNOT hahahah. At the 8th rep, my shoulders/upper body couldn’t hold the bar up anymore… so achy and shag(!!) esp after Murph yesterday D: But ok, still quite glad I managed 5 jerks each round. I think I pushed myself enough ><

CF log 02/06/17 (Fri)

From last night, already felt like I needed to crossfit this morning. It was quite a sucky night and I just needed somewhere to vent, something to do. If I had my own cf gym, I would totally have went to workout already haha.


It was not a bad workout today. Quite manageable. Nothing to intense (though I might have liked something more intense for my mood LOL).


7 x 2 front squats [60.4kg to 78.5kg, 83.5kg – 1 rep]

8 x 1 squat C&J [46.8kg to 2x 69.9kg]
5 x 3 clean high pull from ground [2x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]

Quite happy that I managed to do that (almost) 70kg C&J :) Used push jerks today cos it’s been quite a while since I did heavy split jerks. Jerks were quite ugly cos for both reps I couldn’t lock out fast enough and ended up in a bit of a strict press for the last bit haha. Still, made it! C&J PR :)


3 rounds –
Run 1 lap (~200m)
16 deadlift [(155#)]
60 DUs

Saw DUs and got quite sian already. Tripped on DUs A LOT for the first round. Only started to get it better in 2nd and 3rd. Overall an ok wod~

CF log 29/05/17 (Mon)

Didn’t sleep well last night so I actually felt rly sleepy and tired when I woke up this morning. It felt as though I went for cf yesterday and wanted another rest day, but fact is I didn’t go lol. On the contrary, I was actually quite sedentary and ate a lot?! D:

Dragged myself to go anyway. Aiming for 6x a week unless it’s a tyre flips week (then 5x lol).


5 x 2 front squat [60.4kg to 78.5kg]
5 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg, 55.8kg 1 rep]

So close to getting 2 TnG squat snatches at 55.8kg (~125#)!! Caught the first rep pretty nicely, then the second rep I guess I didn’t tighten/lock my shoulders quick enough so swung too much and the bar flew back so had to let go ahhh :P But still pretty happy with my attempt! 125# is starting to get comfortable?


4 rounds –
15-cal bike
18 wall balls
15 KB swings [(24kg)]
12 burpees

It looked ok. But I started to get tired already after the first round lol. Think it’s very cardio… so quite a tiring wod!

CF log 24/05/17 (Wed)

Shoulders were quite tight today. Back was also quite achy as I did the movements lol. Time for a rest day… which will be tomorrow! :D


5 x 3 push jerk [42.7kg to 60.8kg]
5 x 2 BTN push jerk [37.7kg to 60.8kg]
5 x 3 front squat [60.8kg to 74kg]

Partnered Whitney and we were just trying to match each others’ weights. We used the same weights for every set! :)


3 rounds –
500m row
21 deadlift [(155#)]
21 box jumps [60cm]

Thankfully it was only 3 rounds. Lower back ded after all those deadlifts ><

CF log 19/05/17 (Fri)


Front squats –
3 x 5 [57.7kg to 66.8kg]
3 x 1 [71.8kg to 80.8kg] – yayyy!

Squat clean –
4 x 3 [42.7kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg]
3 x 3 [55.8kg, 60.8kg, 64.9kg]

Finally doing some cleans again! Happy that I managed to hit 64.9kg (~145#) for my last 3 rep set!! :D Don’t think I’ve ever gone so heavy. A bit of a struggle at the last rep but yay still managed to stand it up!

5 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]

Yeahhh my high pull weight is lower than my clean weight LOL. Cos I realised when I do cleans I may not really pull it very high, but instead focus more on the “going under”. Perhaps if I learnt to pull higher I will find it easier to clean… and clean more?? (then again I’m limited by my front squats lol).


16:00 EMOM (rotate among the 4 movements) –
10 KB front rack lunges (16kg; 1 KB on each hand) [12kg]
10 deficit push-ups [hands on 45# plates]
10 DB box step-ups [(15kg on each hand, 60″ box)]
0:50 plank hold

Step-ups were the hardest for me. And the KB lunges were just awkward cos I still don’t really know how to do KB cleans lol. Any heavier, I may not have been able to clean it up properly cos no technique haha.

CF log 16/05/17 (Tue)

Wanted to slack a bit today cos felt quite tired hahah. Plus my shoulders feel kinda fatigued after the past few days of snatches :P But I think I still did quite close to my usual weights…. hahaha.


Back squats –
3 x 4 [60.4kg, 65.4kg, 69.4kg]
3 x 1 [74.4kg, 78.5kg, 88.5kg]

Hang squat snatch –
3 x 4 [2x 37.7kg, 40.2kg]
3 x 3 [2x 42.7kg, 46.8kg]

5 x 5 snatch high pull from ground [51.8kg]


3 rounds –
10 power clean [(105#)]
10 front squat
10 jerks
50 DUs

Quite shag >< Strung all my squats and jerks. DUs were oookay today; at least I didn’t take as long on them as I thought I would haha. Realised I can’t really use the ropes at box anymore – as in I keep tripping on them. It’s ok with my own rope though hm.

CF log 15/05/17 (Mon)

New week. Back to the 5-day work week life.

Those who didn’t go for class yesterday did the partner wod, while the rest (like me) did another wod.


Front squats –
3 x 4 [2x 60.4kg, 65.4kg]
3 x 1 [69.4kg, 2x 78.5kg]

Squat snatch –
3 x 4 [2x 37.7kg, 42.7kg]
3 x 3 [42.7kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg]

Was quite happy that I managed to do 3 reps of the 51.8kg one! A bit unstable at the last rep, but still made it :D


5 rounds –
8 DB snatch (25kg) [22.5kg]
10 ring dips
12 C2B

I think I only did 4 rounds + 6 HSPU (cos combined all the HSPUs of 4th and 5th round). But idk everyone else seemed to be already done with 5? So not sure if I counted wrongly (i.e. should have alr been at last round but I thought I was at 4th), or I was just damn slow?? :/ Even my ring dips were not that slow today. But anyway it was alr 8am when I finished what I thought was my 4th round. So I just stopped anyway lol.

CF log 14/05/17 (Sun)

Partner wod!

Shared reps –
20 thrusters [(105#)]
30 (clean grip) high pulls from ground
40 push jerks
60 hang power clean
80 front squats
100 deadlifts
*EMOM both do 3 burpees

Finished just before the 30min mark. But we did extra 5 high pulls cos thought it was 40 >< Either way, I think we’d still end after 29min… so we would still have done the same number of burpees haha.

I realised that mayyybe we should have added 2.5kg clamps on each side cos the rx in kg that was written on the board was 50kg lol. Our bar was only 45kg exactly cos we used the 15kg instead of 35# plates :P

Anyway, stayed back till 11am after wod today to celebrate Whitney’s birthday with yummy cakes!! :D There was a small choc paleo one and a Lady M matcha cake :) Yumz.