CF log 20/06/17 (Tue)

Wahhh my body felt damn lethargic/tired today. Like… I felt that I didn’t have as much strength as I should have (does that even make sense)?? Hahaha.


3 x 3 back squats [2x 69.4kg, 74.4kg]

3 x 2 power snatch [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg]
3 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [51.8kg, 2x 55.8kg]


5 rounds –
60 DUs
30 GHDs
15 OHS [(95#)]

I only did 4 rounds and it prolly took me around 35min lol :P

CF log 18/06/17 (Sun)

Yayy fun wod today! And not too tiring :D

Partner WOD

100 GHD + lock-out hold [(85#)]
100 burpees + deadlift hold [(155#)]
100 wall balls + front rack hold [(105#)]
100 KB swings + back squat hold [(105#)]

So basically while one person is working on the 100 reps thing, the other person does the hold, then swap till 100 reps are completed. 100 reps are shared! I think everyone finished with at least 15min to spare lol.

CF log 13/06/17 (Tue)


5 x 1 snatch [37.7kg to 55.8kg]
4 x 3 snatch high pull [2x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]

Back squats –
4 x 2 [60.4kg to 74.4kg]
3 x 1 [78.5kg to 88.5kg]

Not very sure if I went up to 90+kg for the squats though I thought I did hit 205#?? But when I think back about how we added the weights, I can’t seem to get that number hm. Oh well, the weight is about there anyway hahaha.


4 rounds –
6 front rack lunges [(95#)]
12 power C&J
18 GHD
20 lateral jumps over bar

Took about 20-23min to complete! I thought it was not bad a wod actually. Might even consider it fun? :P

CF log 26/05/17 (Fri)

Every time I’ve rested for a day and go back to cf the next, it feels so long since I worked out lol.


3 x 3 split jerks [44.1kg, 53.1kg, 58.1kg]
3 x 3 power clean [53.1kg, 58.1kg, 62.2kg]
3 x 3 clean high pull from ground [53.1kg, 2x 58.1kg]

My last set of power cleans were quite ugly though haha. And the last rep was almost going into a squat alr!


Thrusters [(65#)]

Finished in 6:30. I think pull-ups slowed me down! :(

After class

5 x 10 med ball GHDs [6kg]
Snatch practice

Tried to go for 1RM for the snatches, but max was 53.1kg. Tried to snatch 55.6kg (added 1.25kg per side) but couldn’t lock out fully when the bar was overhead! Right elbow was not locked then I sorta lost my balance and couldn’t stand it up >< oh well!

CF log 17/05/17 (Wed)

Just 2 diff EMOMs today.

20:00 alternate EMOM –
7/10-cal row
15 wall ball [6kg]

Supposed to be 7-cal row for girls but I did 10 all the way except for one round. I thought it was only a 10:00 EMOM! Had at least 20-sec rest after each exercise so it was not bad. Shag, but not as bad as the next one!

20:00 alternate EMOM –
15 KB swings [20kg]
15 GHD

Managed 15 KB swings for 7-8 rounds, did 10 for the rest. Dropped to 10 GHDs after the first 2-3 rounds lol. It was really close to impossible for me to maintain 15 reps for both exercises… so give and take hahaha.

Half way through coach was asking if 15 each was manageable and I told her I was already dropping to 10 of each HAHA (though I did manage to go back to 15 for my KB swings later). She went to ask David, who also scaled down a little too (and he did this EMOM first!). So she actually dropped the reps for the evening class hahah. Not sure if both dropped to 10 or just one of the movements :P

CF log 09/05/17 (Tue)


3 x 4 hang squat snatch [37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg]
3 x 4 snatch high pull from mid-thigh [50kg, 2x 54.1kg]

Back squats –
3 x 5 [60.4kg, 65.4kg, 69.4kg]
3 x 1 [78.5kg to 92.6kg]


3 rounds –
9 power clean [(105#)]
15 deadlift [(185#)]
21 GHD

It was initially 5 rounds then coach realised it was too long? HAHA. When she asked what round I was at, I was only at the first hahahaha. So she reduced it to 3 rounds, which was MUCH MORE manageable! The deadlifts were the killer for me x.x On a separate note, 3rd day in a row doing lots of power cleans for the wod D:

CF log 26/04/17 (Wed)


20:00 alternate EMOM –
10 kipping HSPUs
10-cal row

Did 10-10 for every. single. round. I am happy!


3 rounds –
25 med ball GHD [(6kg)]
15 deadlifts [(185#)]

Idk why the rx weights are getting so heavy T_T That is a heavy deadlift to me! Took about 20min to finish this. Shared a bar with Whitney.

CF log 06/04/17 (Thu)

Partnering Whitney for workouts is really quite diff from my usual “style” cos she always goes heavier than I plan to LOL. And I don’t really wanna keep changing/taking out weights too so I’ll just go along :P Then I realise I can do it too, except that I’m really more shag than I usually would be hahaha. (Oops, not pushing hard enough usually!)


5 sets –
2 power clean + 2 push jerk [46.8kg to 2x 58.3kg]

3 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]

6 x 4 front squat [60.4kg to 69.4kg]


100 wall balls [(6kg)]
75 DUs
50 GHD
25 power snatch [(95#)]

Quite liked this wod though there were DUs lol. Idk why I can’t really skip well with my usual hub rope anymore??? Keep tripping :( Is it that I got lousier at DUs or are the ropes just the wrong length for me now :P

CF log 02/04/17 (Sun)

Partner wod again! :D And again, we finished it quite fast…. but Whitney and Yzanne were faster! :O

Shared reps with partner –
30-cal bike
50 power cleans [(105#)]
30-cal bike
50 push jerk
30-cal bike
50 thrusters

Thrusters were disappointing! Could not string 5 all the way :( Could string 5 cleans and 10 jerks though! :)

Cos most of us finished the wod with quite a bit to time to spare, we also had to do –

5 x 10
Back extensions