CF log 15/06/17 (Thu)

Decided to go for strength day today since I could reach work late. Was asked to go for some off-site visit in the morning so only meeting my colleague at 10.30am! Which means I didn’t have to rush after cf… so chill morning! Was thinking of just going back home to sleep after wod, but just nice Anny texted me last night to say she was thinking of going too, so we could have breakfast together! With some other morning class peeps :D

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [74kg]
5:00 1 rep [78.5kg to 92.6kg] – actually not sure if 92.6 or 97.6 lol :P

7 x 3
Bench press [37.7kg to 45.2kg, 47.7kg – last rep assisted]
Strict press [29.1kg to 35.6kg]
Deadlift [78.5kg to 97.6kg]

Toast Box for breakfast! :D Ate and talked till 10am before starting my work day hahaha.


CF log 11/02/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day but usual partner couldn’t make it… but Yzanne came today so I partnered her! Been a while since we wod-ed together haha.

With a partner –
100 power snatch [(95#)]
3 laps run
100 GHD
3 laps run
100 OHS
3 laps run
10 rope climbs

We started with GHD, then OHS, rope and finally snatches. Finished just when the hour of class was up! Snatches were the worst haha. But I think overall it was still ok… cos at least there were no thrusters!!

Went for toast box breakfast with Jon and David after :D Then I went back with Jon for the lou hei + lunch at hub this afternoon. Just keep eating LOL. Lunch was quite fun cos got to catch up and talk to some people more than I usually do! xD

CF log 05/11/16 (Sat)

Partner wod! And partner (Anny) came though she was still a bit sick :P but yay! ^^”

“Regionals 2014 – events 4 & 5” (shared reps)
50 thrusters [(95#)]
10 rope climbs
40 thrusters
8 rope climbs
30 thrusters
6 rope climbs

And cos all of us finished early with about 10-15 min to spare, had to do some strength stuff too after the wod!

OH squat [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg, 55.8kg, 60.8kg]

So happy I managed to hit 60kg? Haha! I think it’s been super long since I tried for really heavy OHS :D (not new PR though; this matches my current!)

CF log 30/10/16 (Sun)

Halloween wod day!!! :D

Only 3 people from chaokeng came today, but it was still a fun day, fun workout! We had whacking of pinata this year (before workout)! :D There was one for girls and another for guys; both hung at different heights. Each of us had 30-sec to spin 10 rounds around a walking stick (dizzy!) then run forward to hit the pinata amrap LOL. The pinata was a cute unicorn!!

Only until we reached the second last girl (Whitney) did the pinata start to break a little and some candy fell out! It broke at the legs so people started to yell to hit the legs.. and break the poor unicorn’s legs HAHA :P Anyway can’t really blame us for taking so long to break the pinata cos we were using a toy axe that was SOFT (from daiso) to whack the it! xD After Whitney, the last girl just refused to use the toy axe anymore and just brought the walking stick with her to the pinata and used that to hit it LOL. Of course it broke and all the candy fell out!

Started the halloween wod after pinata!

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-30 at 18.51.42.jpeg

It’s the same trick or treat workout format as last year; drawing from a deck of “trick” or
“treat” cards. The deck of cards changed though! In terms of how it looks (this year they are legit printed deck of cards! Hub actually got the cards printed haha) and the movements for the “trick”! There are some new movements like thrusters (95#), prowler and DUs!! The “treat”s were more or less similar to last year, e.g. we could get free stuff like drinks from the fridge, taichi workouts to others, and 50% discount of the reps of the “trick”.

Anny and I started out with lots of easy stuff like burpees, GHDs, air squats… even KB swings (24kg) were ok. We even managed to get 2 cards for free water from fridge haha! But after all the chill, we started to get more and more thrusters >< We had 4 thruster cards altogether – 10, 20, 30, 60(!!!) shared reps. So each of us essentially did 60 thrusters each today D: I remember that there were DB thrusters last year which Anny and I had a lot of too! And this year, we get so many thrusters again! D: hahaha.

BUT throughout the workout, we didn’t get prowler or DUs haha! I am actually happy about not getting DUs cos I really really don’t like them ><

Anyway, it was still a fun workout day today!! :D :D And I’m glad I could do it with a friend! Prolly won’t be as fun if my partner was not someone close :P

CF log 29/10/16 (Sat)

Didn’t go for cf yesterday but did 5km rowing and 50 push ups at home :D

Back today for partner wod!

100 HSPUs
100 hang power cleans [(95#)]
100 front squat
100 GHDs
*alternate with partner every minute till all reps completed

Anny and I took super long for HSPUs LOL. Even swapped out to a thicker ab mat after a while cos just could not kip with the flat one! :P Arms were really quite tired by all the HSPUs hahaha. I think we did ok for the rest; though I think Anny mostly did 50+ and I did 40+? :P We took about 32:00 to finished everything ><

Went for breakfast at the coffee shop nearby after wod! :D

Anyway, Halloween wod tmr!! EXCITING :D

CF log 15/10/16 (Sat)

Partner wod! After no cf for 3 days lol. But I managed to do some rowing on Wednesday :) 5km, 280 cal :D

Shared reps with a partner –
100 DUs
80 front squat [(95#)]
60 hang power clean
20 power snatch
100 GHD
100 pistols

Partnered Anny; and finished quite early.. probably around 945(when class ends at 10)? Hahah. The timer showed 28/29min when we were done!

My first power snatch was such a fail LOL. Idk why couldn’t even do 95# p snatch?! But it got better after that haha x)

Anyway, cos we ended so early, we were told to do 5 x 3 MUs. I just did like… 10 reps in kinda like a 10 x 1 style instead of 5 x 2 or smth hahaha. I used a thin black band though. It’s been so long since I did banded ring MUs and yes they were hard! :P When will I ever get MUs? Or ring dips??? I think I’m just too lazy to train them SIGH.

CF log 02/09/15 (Wed)

Sometimes I feel so lazy to log my workouts……

It’s another “deload” day :P


5 x 2 split jerk [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 3x 47.7kg]
5 x 1 pause (1s just abv ground, 3s at knee) clean [2x 47.7kg, 3x 52.7kg]


2 rounds –
50 box jump-overs [20″] – think that should be rx as well… usually 20″ for girls for most workouts
50″DB OH walking lunges [did 20L, 20R instead of by distance]
25 TTB

Full force/reunited #teamchaokeng #morningcrew today! So we took a pic! (Paiseh I went to bath alr :P)

2015-09-02 21.05.02

(photo a bit blur :( )