CF log 12/11/17 (Sun)

Hero wod day~

Anny and I planned to have brkf after wod today so I was telling her last night that I hoped it would be a tough wod so brkf would be more shiok. AND, really quite xiong lollol.

“Glen” (modified)
30 C&J [(105#)]
Row 1.6km
5 rope climbs
Row 1.6km
100 burpees

It was supposed to be run 6 rounds but it was raining. And the rope climbs were reduced from 10 to 5 haha.

All of us were told to do the other stuff before run/row cos it was raining and we were seeing if the rain would stop. But it didn’t that’s why it changed to rowing. Rowing 3.2km together is rly no joke ><

I finished all the non-rowing stuff in about 22min. Quite happy lol :P Then the rowing took about 16min in total – 8min for each 1.6km. I rested in between. Tbh I thought the wod was quite fun lollol. I actually managed to string all my burpees! :D


CF log 26/08/17 (Sat)

As I said in yesterday’s log, we’re doing Xin’s bday wod today so… DT! :D

It’s actually some variation of it. So for today, it was increasing barbell weight + wall balls incorporated.

“DT” variation –
First 2 rounds, barbell 105#
Next 2 rounds, barbell 115#
Last round, barbell 125#
30 wall balls after each round [14#]
*DT =12 deadlift, 9 hang power clean, 6 jerks

Rx-ed! The first round already felt damn heavy lol. Maybe cos I was not warmed up yet. It got better subsequently and thankfully the last round of 125# was also manageable! Managed to string 3 cleans each time I picked up the bar.

Cos Xin’s bday, we go free milo after class! I finally got to try to milo with oats, brown rice etc thing hahaha. I love that it’s so thick and yummyyy hehe.

CF log 09/08/17 (Wed)


Almost everyone wore red and/or white to workout today haha. And the colour(s) we wore influenced how many rounds we had to run in the wod lol!

“Hotshots 19”
6 rounds –
30 air squats
19 power cleans [(95#)]
7 strict pull-ups
Run 3/2/1 rounds*

Finished in ~45min though it actually looks oook :P I was running 2 rounds cos only had a red top (no whites on me)! So those who were wearing both red and white or all red or all white ran 1 round. Those (like myself) with only red or only white and some other colour ran 2 rounds. Those not in red or white at all ran 3! Quite interesting la haha.

Went to macs with Anny, David and Jon after wod! Been a while since we had brkf after wod tgt hehe. And it felt so much like a Saturday~

CF log 03/06/17 (Sat)

Warmed up with some front squat holds (15kg) and burpees. Then had “Murph” as wod. It was written as partner style on the board…. but for some of us, we had to do it solo! I was one of them…. :O with others like Anny, Yzanne, Calvin etc haha.

“Murph” (slightly modified version!)
Run 6 laps with 6kg wall ball (~1200m)
100 pull-ups
200 weighted push ups [(15#)]
300 weighted squats [(6kg wall ball)]
Run 6 laps with 6kg wall ball

I took….. almost 1.5hrs LOL. When class officially ended at 10am, I think I was only at 100 pull-ups, 80 push ups, and 200 squats :P Wanted to just finish up the push ups and squats and call it a day, but Xin said we (Anny and I) must still do the run AHHH T_T hahahah. So we did it, but walked and brisked walked a lot and finally finished ard 10.30am :P

Went to eat Toast Box after that!! Very happy 행복해! :)

CF log 05/01/16 (Thu)


10 rounds –
10 clean high pulls [(15kg)] while partner does HS hold
(swap with partner after every 10 pulls)


6 sets –
2 squat clean + 1 jerk [2x 46.8kg, 2x 51.8kg, 55.8kg, 60.8kg]

Failed the jerk of the 60.8kg though haha. Did split jerks all the way.

3 x 3 clean high pull @ 105% [55.8kg]
3 x 2 clean high pull @ 110% [55.8kg]

My clean high pulls really suck lol. I can barely get it up to chest level regardless 3 or 2 reps >< Can’t even use 100% of the previous weight hahaha.

3 x 3 front squat @ 80% [55.8kg, 64.9kg, 69.9kg]
3 x 1 front squat @ 90% [74kg]


Ring dips

Crazy wod that took me 25-30min to complete. So arm-intensive?! I did like 1/3 of the dips unbanded and the rest with band haha. It was 815am thereabout by the time I was done and had to chiong to work :P Lucky managed to reach just before 9! (no transport issues along the way).

CF log 16/11/15 (Mon)

Went for cf today and realised that it was some intense WOD :O Tommy V – rope climbs and thrusters T_T And still, our warm-up was 10-1 burpees (i.e., 55 burpees D:). What a shag morning ><


5 x 3 front squats [2x 60.4kg, 3x 65.4kg]


“Tommy V”
21 thrusters [(35kg/85#)]
9 rope climbs [15″ so didn’t have to climb all the way up hub rope yay!]
15 thrusters
6 rope climbs
9 thrusters
3 rope climbs

Finished in 31:04. But at least I rx-ed it! And I don’t feel that bad about the wod today though I took so long. Cos at least there were still people doing while I was doing :P So I didn’t feel so loser-ish hahahaha. Plus I managed to finish by the time class ended!

Actually when I saw thrusters this morning, I was reminded of Saturday’s wod when I was SO FAIL. But thankfully it’s a lighter weight this time and I could manage sets of 5 pretty ok. (So no idea why 10# made such a big diff?! Oh well. My thrusters are just quite sucky in general :X)

Oh and when I saw rope climbs, I immediately regret not taking my knee sleeves out of my shoe bag this morn. I was actually contemplating it but decided against it LOL. Thankfully partner brought hers so we each had one to protect our shin HAHA (since usually only one side gets burnt). Still got slight burns but it’s much much better than having no guard at all!

CF log 26/08/15 (Wed)

Workouts in the morning are really the best. Not crowded, so much space to WOD, everyone’s happyyy~~ hahahaha.

As it was Xin’s birthday yesterday, we did her birthday WOD this morning (which was also done at last evening’s class) – DT!


9 inch-worms
9 nine-count burpees (ugh, hate theseeee)

10x front rack “elbow raises” (L+R=2)
10x strict press
10x shoulder shrugs with empty bar overhead [15kg]
10x BTN strict press
10x BTN “elbow raises”

The “elbow raises” is a term I came up with on my own cos I have noooo idea what that exercise is called hahaha. It felt so weird doing it :P For front rack one, it’s basically racking the bar like doing a front squat, then raising your right (left) elbow and at the same time bringing your left (right) elbow down while holding on to the bar… BUT you cannot move the bar; it should stay as horizontal as possible. For the BTN one, it’s racking the bar like a back squat, and performing the same movement. I guess all this is to train shoulder mobility and warm-up shoulders for the jerks in DT haha?


“DT” [(105#)]
5 rounds –
12 deadlifts
9 hang power clean
6 push jerk

Partnered Anny and took turns to do it. So when one of us was resting, the other partner took over the bar. I finished in 22:15! :D For each round, broke it up as follows:

  1. 11 deadlifts
  2. 12th deadlift to 4 cleans
  3. 4 cleans
  4. 9th clean to 3 jerks
  5. 3 jerks

The last time we did DT was also for Xin’s birthday last year. But it was in the form of a 12-minute AMRAP. Below is an excerpt from that crossfit long from long ago haha (recall that DT rx weight is 105# for girls):

Partnered Anny today and we did 6 rounds and 7 deadlifts! :D But we didn’t do a prescribed weight :P Did at 35kg instead hahaha. To me, the hang cleans were the killer here! I did most of it, cos Anny couldn’t; while she did most of the jerks, cos I couldn’t haha

Yay we have improved!! Can do DT at rx weight now :D (35# a side on a ladies’ bar); we did not even do 25# a side one year ago!! :O And this year, we did all 5 rounds on our own. No shared reps :D YAYY! <3

CF log 19/07/15 (Sun)

One day of out of action and back at the box! Every time I don’t go to box cos it’s a rest day, or I can’t make it, I’m just thinking of the next time I crossfit. It’s an obsession I tell you! But it’s awesome :D

So anyway for today, we did a hero WOD. No strength component cos I guess Coach knew it would take a while for us to complete it…. haha.

“Mr Joshua”
5 rounds –
400m run
30 GHDs
15 deadlifts (80kg/175#) [78.5kg]

Rx written on the board today was 80kg for girls; I think the weight in # is 175# cos I read somewhere that rx for girls is usually about 70% of the guys rx (which was 250# today). So I guess I would consider that I did the deadlifts at rx today? :P Nonetheless, it was already pretty hard for me. I wore a belt for the last 12 reps or so in the last round hahaha. And Coach saw me during my last few reps and said I looked like I was doing 1 RM HAHA. But seriously, I felt that way too :P Took like ~52min to complete the workout :P But I did it! :)

CF log 31/01/15 (Sat)

Laziness strikes again :P hahahaha. Posting photo of workout today.

2015-01-31 10.03.17


Jerks [85#]
Halting clean pull [85#]

Partnered this girl called Julie today who is really strong for her size! Slightly taller than me and much leaner and defined (which I think makes her look skinnier than me… really she just looks like all muscle). She did her jerks at 90# and the same weight as I did for the halting clean pulls, but her form looks really good and I think she may have been able to go heavier if she wanted to.


Crossfit MNL Hero WOD
[finished in 21:04]

The 20-min AMRAP became like a 1 round for time kinda thing…. oops :P hahaha.

Before class today, when I saw that we were doing thrusters again, I was like omggggg. Seriously, the ONE thing that I did yesterday and didn’t want to do today was thrusters, and there HAD to be thrusters. 44 at that!! Luckily it was at a lower weight than yesterday and I could do  the rx of 65#~30kg :) Broke them up into sets of 5.

I think I took pretty long for my run; was really slow at the start haha :P Julie was fast; she finished one round of the workout before I did and probably within the 20 min! As I was running, the gap between us got wider and wider till I couldn’t see her anymore so… she probably lapped me hahaha ><

Overall still quite happy today cos when I did my rope climb, I think Coach was watching me. Then when I succeeded scaling up and down smoothly, she said to me “wah you mastered the art of rope climbing alr ah!” hahaha. I was just like “errr, maybe.. a little?” – whatever I meant >< Anyway it was just one climb so I still had energy (though I did the 25 burpee T2B first). Hard to tell if I’ve really got it yet! But I did feel more comfortable with the rope today than previous times :) Took 2 pulls and a little more to get all the way up! 2 pulls would probably have been possible though haha.