CF log 04/09/17 (Mon)

Back is aching from yesterday’s wod T_T But still decided to go this morning since I was awake anyway. The warmness woke me up :( But on the bright side, done my workout for the day so I can head home immediately after work! :D

I’m already looking forward to the end of the work day lol.


7 x 1 front squat [55.8kg to 78.5kg] – failed 83.5kg

Power C&J –
2 x 3 [46.8kg]
3 x 2 [51.8kg to 60.8kg]

5 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]


3 rope climb
20 deadlift [(175#)]
40 GHD
2 rope climb
15 deadlift
30 GHD
1 rope climb
10 deadlift
20 GHD

Thankfully deadlift weight remained the same lol. Didn’t bring knee sleeves to guard my shin from rope burn today, so Coach loaned one haha :P First 40 GHDs were the worst cos my abs are still aching from the 100 we did 2 days ago >< But overall wod was manageable I guess!


CF log 28/08/17 (Mon)

Was contemplating to go for evening class cos lazy LOL. But I wasn’t sleeping that well cos it got quite warm at the time I was supposed to wake up. So, oh well, got up to go for class haha.


5 x 4 front squat [55kg to 73.1kg]

7 x 1 squat C&J [44.1kg to 2x 67.2kg] – missed the jerk for the 2nd set of 67.2kg
5 x 5 clean high pull from ground [2x 53.1kg, 2x 58.1kg]


Squat snatch
x2 of pull-ups and ring dips (rx: MUs)

CF log 25/08/17 (Fri)

FINALLY THE END OF THE WEEK. But it has been a busy work day T_T Quick log before I leave office and start my weekends!!


5 x 5 push press [37.7kg to 46.8kg, 49.3kg couldn’t string 5, did 3-2]

Push jerk –
5 x 3 [51.8kg to 55.8kg]
3 x 2 [60.8kg, 63.3kg, 64.9kg failed T_T]

Power clean –
5 x 3 [46.8kg to 55.8kg]
3 x 2 [60.8kg to 63.3kg]

3 x 5 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]

Sposed to be 5 x 5 but time seemed to be running short and we were afraid there would be no time for the wod haha.


Hang power snatch [(85#)]

Finished quite fast!! Surprisingly the 85# felt very manageable…. LOL. Used the liquid chalk so my grip could sustain and I could string more reps each time (thanks for Anny for asking for it and sharing with me hahaha). Did 8-7, the 6-6, then 5-4 :D

Sang Xin bday song after class! Then ate Lady M’s original crepe cake. Anyway since it’s her bday, most prob gonna do some variation of DT tmr. Quite exciting!! I like DT hehe xD

CF log 18/08/17 (Fri)

There were only 5 people today hahaha. Class was shioook! I was the only girl in the class, which is such a rare occurrence ever since the box expanded haha.


10-1 HSPU with shuttle run after each set


5 x 3 front squat [55.8kg, 60.4kg, 3x 69.4kg]

3 x 3 hang power clean [2x 55.8kg, 60.8kg]
3 x 3 clean high pull [64.9kg]


Deadlift (225#) [first 21: 195#, the rest: 205#]
Box jumps

Yeahhh could not rx the deadlifts hahah. 225# is like my 1 rep max?? And I’m not even consistent at it :P So scaled down to about 90kg and did 3 reps at a time every round haha. Took me slightly less than 20min.

CF log 04/08/17 (Fri) + happy friday!


5 x 5 front squats [55.8kg, 60.8kg, 3x 64.9kg]

Power snatch –
3 x 2 [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg]
3 x 1 [51.8kg]

4 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [3x 55.8kg, 60.8kg]


3 rounds –
10 front squats (clean from ground) [(135#)]
20 C2B
50 DUs

The front squats were DAMN BAD. First round was manageable… struggling a bit already. Second round was really a push and I totally felt like I was pushing myself damn hard to complete 10 reps at a go. And the 3rd round I just gave up and did 5-5 hahaha. Front squats killed me T_T If not I’d think the rest is quite manageable…? Thankfully only 3 rounds.

Anyway, feeling very happy this Friday haha! Cos I’ve completed the minutes for my weekly big meeting yesterday, hence freeing up my Friday :D The meeting’s usually on Fridays and it’ll be a mad rush to get the minutes out on the day itself.

Plus!!! Finally had the one to one session with my boss to talk about my current work. I’m quite happy that I managed to air all my grievances LOL. The whole “feedback” session was really just me complaining in a nicer manner :P He sorta explained why some things are the way they are too… but I just took them all with a pinch of salt cos I still feel like he’s not 100% trustworthy lol.


CF log 02/08/17 (Wed)

Not sure why it’s cleans day again, but not complaining! :P


5 x 4 push press [35kg to 49.1kg]
5 x 4 push jerk [49.1kg to 58.1kg]

5 x 3 power clean [44.1kg to 58.1kg]
4 x 3 clean high pull from ground [58.1kg]


10 rounds –
4 C2B
8 DB snatches (4L,4R) [(22.5kg)]
10 wall balls

I liked the fact that we didn’t have to do alternating hand for the DB snatches. I can do it faster with multiple reps on the same hand because, momentum hahaha. I needa figure out how to string my C2Bs :/ Always losing the momentum once I come down. C2Bs actually felt ok today cos I could get my chest to touch the bar with less effort than usual! :)

Finished slightly after 8am today but quite happy managed to finish all 10 rounds!

CF log 31/07/17 (Mon)

Happy birthday partner!!! :D :D :D (who chaokeng-ed on her birthday when the whole #chaokeng crew was around hahah)


5 x 5 back squats [55kg to 78.1kg]

5 x 2 squat snatch [35kg to 49.1kg, 53.1kg] – missed last rep of 53.1kg
4 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [2x, 2x 58.1kg]


50 pistols [25L,25R]
10 hang power cleans [(135#)]
14 pull-ups + 14 ring dips (rx: 7 MUs)
50 GHD

Very heavy cleans today!! >< But quite happy I managed to string 2s and 3s :D Finished too fast, then coach saw Calvin doing a second round of cleans and made me and another guy who finished do it too :P Still finished before 8am haha!

CF log 28/07/17 (Fri)


5 x 3
Push press [37.7kg to 51.8kg]
Push jerks [46.8kg to 60.8kg]
Power clean [46.8kg to 55.8kg]
Clean high pull from ground [3x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]

Since the rep scheme is the same for all the movements today, just lumped them altogether in the recording haha.


10 to 1 power cleans [(105#)]
30 DUs after each round

Thought I did not bad cos managed to string DUs yay! Anny still trying to let her collarbone wound heal so she did power snatches at 95# and finished slightly earlier than me! I thought it was quite fast since snatches should be harder than cleans, but yet we finished almost together :O

CF log 25/07/17 (Tue)

Yayyy birthday!!! I wanna tell myself that I don’t make birthdays such a big deal, but in actual fact, I do. I just think remembering someone’s birthday kinda reflects the extent to which you care about someone. Cos… it seems like something so small, but if someone actually bothered to take note and remember.. then wish you on that day, it just feels nice and makes you feel important haha. So I must admit that I will get a bit disappointed if people whom I thought cared didn’t wish me… But I’m happy to say that this year, the people that mattered remembered so yay :) <3

I kept it low-key at wod today though. Didn’t say anything about it HAHA.


5 x 5 back squats [60.4kg to 78.5kg]

7 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg]
4 x 3 snatch high pull from ground [2x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]


2 rounds –
30 GHD
15 power snatch [(65#)]
5 MUs [banded]
15 power snatch [(65#)]
5 MUs [banded]
30 back extension

Sposed to be 3 rounds, but with 25-30min it was not really possible haha. So reduced to 2! But still really tiring. It was actually more tiring than I thought it would be :P