CF log 25/11/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!!

Warmed up with 5-min AMRAP “Cindy”. I started with push ups. Did about 4.5 rounds (finished push ups and 3 squats lol).

With a partner, 3 rounds –
2 rope climbs (each) *or 1 peg board climb which very little pple can do LOL
20 squat snatch [(105#)]
30 KB swings [(24kg)]
40 back extensions with med ball

Finished before 35min! Quite happy I could snatch the 105# quite ok today though it was heavy… and I actually missed 2 reps hahaha. Anny was doing cleans at 125# cos of her shoulder ><

After class, Joey, Anny and I wanted to head to Yakun for brkf. But there were no seats and no one looked like they were gonna leave… so decided to check out toast box. AND GUESS WHAT!!! THEIR SOFT FRENCH SET IS BACK!!! (Fated to get toast box today haha).

We went quite a few times previously but they kept telling us that they were not selling it – though they put up the ad/sign for it in front of their cashier -.- So I was really happy when they had it!!! Though I didn’t eat it cos had lunch at home and the set is actually quite filling. But I was still happy for Joey and Anny who go to eat it hahahah :D


CF log 11/11/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!

Shared reps with partner –
15 rounds –
10 power snatch [(65#)]
15 push ups
20 KB swings [(16kg)]
Run 8 laps (each)
100 pistols (each partner 25L,25R)

Anny and I took about 35min to finish? It was sposed to be 20 rounds at first but Xin cut it to 15 as she saw us doing! We ended up finishing quite early around 9.45am lollol. Maybe we could have done 20 cos I think we were one of the faster pairs :P But we just rested the rest of the 15min before class officially ended haha!

CF log 05/11/17 (Sun)

Surprise wod today omg. It was baaad. Mostly cos of the heat rather than the wod itself – I feel.

Run 5 rounds around building

followed by,

2 rounds with a partner (Anny) –
Climb 8 storeys of stairs carrying sandbag/20kg KB
At each floor (from level 2), 10 KB swings + 5 sandbag thrusters to back squat

Climbing the stairs with the KB was harder than sandbag. And wodding at the staircase area was insane cos there was noooo ventilation and it was SUPER warm. Just kept sweating non-stop I think it’s possible to die from heat exhaustion there >< But we did it anyway! Quite a good cardio workout la.

CF log 22/10/17 (Sun)

Back to partnering Anny! Though it’s not a partner wod today… nor was it tyre flips (what most of us thought since it would prolly be halloween wod next week).


50 rounds –
1 power snatch [(95#)]
2 burpees
3 KB swings [(24kg)]

Took about 35-40min to complete. I felt so shag doing it. The fatigue was building up in all parts of my body >< Back, arms, legs… hahah. Sweat-fest wod too especially with the weather D: It was such a relief when we were done!

Chilled at hub and cooled down for about an hour before Anny and I left for Yakun! SO LONG SINCE I HAD TOAST AND EGGS POST-WOD hahaha. Walked past bread talk otw and was sad to find out that the sign for the soft french set is goneeee :( Means no more soft french set! T_T

CF log 29/09/17 (Fri)

Wod was a little different today. Idk how to log it, but we played around with the tyres. Did some tyre whack thing. Apparently Josh Bridges posted a vid of him doing it on insta?

So basically put a 45# plate (two plates for guys) in the centre of the tyre, then use the long hammer to move it along the road. I was teamed with Anny and Yuren. Took turns to take 10 hits at the tyre (5L,5R) then 5 walking KB swings with 24kg KB (it started out with 10 swings then was reduced).

After about 50m, the weight inside the tyre was taken out; so we moved a lighter weight. Then for the last few metres (I think slightly less than 50m), the 45# plate was put back. Think we did a total of slightly more than 100m? More or less 2x the length of box hahah.

CF log 31/08/17 (Thu)

Wow, back for strength day after prolly at least a month?! Cos I always rest on strength day hahaha. I decided to go large part cos I WAS ON LEAVE :D :D :D

And….. we’re still doing the usual squats, still having some variation of deadlifts and presses.

Oh but one special thing is that we had Yuren’s birthday “wod” before the usual strength stuff! (And a matcha crepe cake to celebrate after class.)

For Yuren’s birthday, 24 reps of each movement shared with partner –
Yellow KB swings
Ring dips (ughhhh haha)
Elevated push ups
Nine-count burpees

Then usual strength day stuff.

15:00 EMOM back squats –
5:00 5 reps [60.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [69.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [3x 78.5kg, 2x 82.5kg]

My right knee hurt (maybe cos I pulled it or something??) after the 2nd/3rd minute -.- But I managed to tahan till end of the first 5 min before getting my knee sleeve lol. Thankfully it helped and I just didn’t really push myself too much anymore for the remaining sets :P Otherwise I think I could have at least gone heavier for the 1 rep sets haha.

15:00 EMOM deadlift, 3-sec pause at shin and knee position [55.8kg]

New variation of deadlifts. Quite back-breaking despite the not too heavy weight…

7 x 3
BTN strict press [24.1kg to 31.6kg]
Bench press [40kg to 44.1kg, 46.6kg assisted]


CF log 23/08/17 (Wed)


10-1 HSPU, shuttle run after each set


10-8-6-4-2 snatches (rx in #: 80-95-105-135-145) – dno why the increments so weird lol
[35kg, 42.5kg, 46.6kg, 49.1kg, 51.5kg]

I just like to count my weights in kg la haha. But basically worked up from ~80# to 115# for the last 2 reps. Matched the rx till completed set of 6. Tried my best to string all the sets but it got hard for 8 and 6 cos no chalk T_T and I missed the last rep for the set of 4 (which I made up for)  :/ In the end only strung for 10 and 2 lol.

Oh ya, was doing power snatch for 10-8-6, then squat snatch for 4-2.


3 rounds –
Run 2 rounds (~400m)
21 KB swings [(24kg)]
12 pull-ups

Took less than 20min to finish this. I actually did the runs damn slowly :P

CF log 06/08/17 (Sun)

No partner wod this week! Another solo wod today haha, but it was more interesting than yesterday’s I felt!

10 to 1 –
Thrusters [(105#)]
Ring dips
KB swings [(24kg)]

Think most people took around half an hour… I didn’t think we would finish so fast haha! So after we were done, we did:

100 back extensions with ball [(6kg)]

Hamstrings and back were so fried from this ><

Went to have toast box with Anny after! :D Finally got to eat my soft french PB set again! And it was a nice chit-chat session hehe ^^

CF log 23/07/17 (Sun)

In pairs,
100 jerks [(105#)] – other partner plank hold
100 front squats – other partner GHD hold
100 KB swings [(24kg)] – other partner deadlift hold
100 power cleans – other partner ring hold

Partnered Anny as usual hehe. Think we took about 45min to complete and we were one of the last D: But it’s ok, it was fun! :D

Played with Keith’s golden retriever (Rusty) after wod! And kept taking pics hahaha. Super big and cuteeee ^^ Very playful too; reminded me of my own dog :P

CF log 18/06/17 (Sun)

Yayy fun wod today! And not too tiring :D

Partner WOD

100 GHD + lock-out hold [(85#)]
100 burpees + deadlift hold [(155#)]
100 wall balls + front rack hold [(105#)]
100 KB swings + back squat hold [(105#)]

So basically while one person is working on the 100 reps thing, the other person does the hold, then swap till 100 reps are completed. 100 reps are shared! I think everyone finished with at least 15min to spare lol.