CF log 15/12/17 (Fri)

Getting another wod in before one week’s hiatus cos I’m flying to Japan for holiday! :D

Wasn’t too bad today.


20 front rack lunges (10L,10R) [(85#)]
5 wall walks (rx: 15ft HS walk)
20 back rack lunges
5 wall walks
20 front rack lunges


5 rounds –
15-cal row
30 air squats
7 C&J [(105#)]

Only 6 people today and all of us ended before 8am haha. Felt quite tired wodding though :P Back was feeling pretty achy! But it was an ok wod~


CF log 13/06/17 (Tue)


5 x 1 snatch [37.7kg to 55.8kg]
4 x 3 snatch high pull [2x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]

Back squats –
4 x 2 [60.4kg to 74.4kg]
3 x 1 [78.5kg to 88.5kg]

Not very sure if I went up to 90+kg for the squats though I thought I did hit 205#?? But when I think back about how we added the weights, I can’t seem to get that number hm. Oh well, the weight is about there anyway hahaha.


4 rounds –
6 front rack lunges [(95#)]
12 power C&J
18 GHD
20 lateral jumps over bar

Took about 20-23min to complete! I thought it was not bad a wod actually. Might even consider it fun? :P

CF log 01/04/17 (Sat)

Happy April Fools! Idk if it should be ‘s after the “fool”, or s’ hahaha; but whatever. It’s like I’ve outgrown the age of April fools jokes.

Anyway, I was late for cf today omg >< And I knew it was Xin taking class so damn kanchiong! But luckily nothing happened… guess cos I’m usually quite early haha. I was 3-4min late! Cos of slightly different transport plans this morning, which meant leaving the house slightly later than usual, and having to take the train to class. Didn’t help that the frequency of trains on weekends are pretty low…

So, back to the log! It was usual Saturday partner wod today :D (Warm-up was 5:00 EMOM “Cindy” which I only did about 1.5min of cos late lol)

Shared reps with a partner –
60 power snatch [(85#)]
50-cal row
40 OHS
30 burpee pull-ups
20 alternating lunges (1R+1L=2)
10 rope climbs

Anny and I finished in ~25min; quite fast?? Then had quite a bit of time left before end of class. Rested for a while then decided to do 50 GHDs haha :P

CF log 05/03/17 (Sun)

So, tried out the 17.2 for real today.


12:00 AMRAP –

2 rounds –
50′ walking lunges (rest db on shoulders)
16 TTB
8 DB power clean [(15kg)]

2 rounds –
50′ walking lunges (rest db on shoulders)
16 bar MUs
8 DB power clean [(15kg)]

As expected, died at the bar MUs cos still CANNOT DO T_T Why I got no #OpenMagic and #firstbarMU D: hahaha.

I finished the first 2 rounds at 5:14, then prolly finished the lunges before MUs by the 6th minute. I must say those 15kg DBs felt damn heavy! And it’s really quite tiring to be walking with that weight on your shoulders ><

A bit sad/sian that I still don’t have the MU lol. Seriously need to get it by this year so I can do them by next year’s opens (regardless whether I sign up)!!!

I continued to try it out after my shot at 17.2, but still cmi… ended up getting rips on both hands instead D:

So, because it was such a fail 17.2, decided to go for the 10am regular class with Anny :P

2 rounds of:

3:00 AMRAP –
10 thrusters [(85#)]
10 sit-ups
3:00 rest

3:00 AMRAP –
10 power clean [(85#)]
10 burpees
3:00 rest

3:00 AMRAP –
10 deadlift [(155#)]
10 box jumps
3:00 rest

The 3:00 rest happens while you are waiting for your buddy/partner to finish their 3:00 AMRAP; so one-work-one-rest style of wod.

I managed to do at least 2 rounds for each of the 3:00 AMRAPs till then end so quite pleased haha. For the rounds I did more than 2, it’s just like 2-3 more reps of cleans/thrusters lol so quite negligible :P

CF log 04/03/17 (Sat)

Back to cf after another 3-day camp! And I felt so tired doing the workout today though it didn’t look that bad. Shall only try 17.2 when my partner is around tmr hehe. We shall do it together! (P.S. I still don’t have my bar MUs…. so let’s see how it goes huh ^^”)

Anyway, we did a variation of 17.2 today.

“17.2” variation

3 rounds –
16 front rack lunges (8R,8L) [85#] (95#)
16 TTB
8 power clean

3 rounds –
16 front rack lunges (8R,8L)
16 ring dips
8 power clean

I was told to start with the ring dip rounds first, and I think that made a difference. If I started with TTB, who knows how long I would take to finish all those ring dips D: Ring dips are my nemesis.

Anyway, finished everything in 33:37… which seems unexpectedly long?? Yeah, used barbell instead of DBs as in 17.2. I used a heavier weight than prescribed cos Xin was saying 85# may be too light for some of you, so go 95# lol. And I just thought I could definitely do 95# so I tried… and it was tiring :P Underestimated the wod lollol. But good workout considering how I haven’t wodded for 3 days T_T (instead was sitting and eating most of the time at the work camp ><)

CF log 07/01/16 (Sat)

Partner wod. Did it with Joyce today! It wasn’t too bad; manageable – though we were the last to finish around 1005am :P

With a partner –
100 wall balls
100 bar over burpees
100 power snatch [(85#)]
100 pull ups
100 front rack lunges [(85#)]

We shared the reps mostly equally! After we were done, was told that coach reduced the rx to 95/65# instead of 105/85# (which was what we did) LOL.

CF log 10/12/16 (Sat)

Lower back a little better from yesterday.. so went for wod today! Plus, there was gonna be brownies from Shawn lollol :P

Warm-up was 100 snatch balance D:

Then, in usual Saturday fashion, it’s a partner wod. I partnered a guy today who was actually not bad… like he prolly could have gone heavier. I might have slowed him down though he said he was the one who slowed me down hahaha.

(Shared reps with partner)
50-40-30-20-10 (of each exercise)
Power snatch [(85#)]
Ring dips
Back rack lunges

Took like 40-45min to complete LOL. Over-shot the time a little. Ring dips were the worst. I even decided to use a band all the way; otherwise I probably would not even finish the wod hahaha. Even with the band, I was struggling towards to end T_T

CF log 19/11/16 (Sat)


5:00 AMRAP “Cindy” –
5 pull up
10 push up
15 air squats

Did up to 4th round 8 air squats. Quite chill haha :P

No idea if this is considered as part of warm-up or wod, but –

10:00 EMOM 10 GHDs

It was kinda partner style as in 2 people had to finish 7-10 GHDs (each) within the minute. I managed 10 each min!


With a partner (shared reps) –
100 hang power snatch [(85#)]
100 back rack lunges
100-cal row
100 ring dips

Lol died at ring dips. Everything else was ok. I only did 35 ring dips; 25 no band, and 10 with band :P Joyce did the rest banded hahaha. Ok, I did more of the snatches though! :D Surprisingly snatches felt ok.

Headed to Toast Box with Jon, David, Clark after wod; yakun was too crowded haha. I got the boluo bun (for the first time), and it’s actually not bad! :D

CF log 03/10/16 (Mon)

It’s the recess break… but not really. Going back to school every morning for a crash course. Damn.

Anyway, on to the happier stuff. Crossfit. 5:30pm class today (and for the rest of the week if I can make it).


7 sets – 3-position squat snatch [3x 37.7kg, 4x 42.7kg]


5 rounds –
10 OHS [(55#)]
1 rope climb
10 hang power snatch
10 GHDs
10 OH lunges

I took about 24min. It’s tiring (as usual), but not too bad cos the weight was light! (: