CF log 10/06/17 (Sat)

Back at cf cos my back recovered quite quickly! It was actually really painful on Thurs night cos I didn’t have time to rest/roll it till I got home quite late. It gradually got better as Friday passed so I was v happy!!

Partner wod today~

80 rounds (switch with partner after each round) –
2 DB snatch on same hand [(17.5kg)]
3 pistols on same leg
10 DUs

The moment I saw DUs, was like ughhh. A bit disappointed that the wod shagged me out so much though! Cos it looked so manageable! Anny and I were one of the last pairs to finish D: I think it’s cos I was a bit slow actually… couldn’t string my pistols and DB snatches fast enough. At least I didn’t trip too much in DUs otherwise would be even slower!

CF log 29/04/17 (Sat)


7:00 EMOM –
10 KB swings [(24kg)]
3 burpees

This was really tiring >< Was taking less than 30sec to finish most of the rounds till the last few when it became closer to 40sec.


Shared reps with partner –
30 pull-ups (rx: 10 MUs)
100 power snatch [(85#)]
100 alternating pistols (50L,50R)
100 DUs
100 box jumps
10 rope climbs

Partnered Yzanne and no idea why we felt like we were damn slow cos it looked as though most people were done and we were still doing?! Haha, but ok la :P At least we still finished before class ended. We did it from bottom up (i.e. rope climbs to pull-ups). It was good DUs day for me cos I managed to string all 50 reps I had to do :D

CF log 15/04/17 (Sat)

Coincidentally, both Whitney and Anny (usual partner) did not go for wod this morning. So Yzanne and I ended up partnering each other!


100 push ups
EMOM 5 air squats

Finished before the 6-minute mark with my triceps and shoulders shagged.


6 sets –
2 power snatch + 2 OHS [2x 35kg, 2x 40kg, 2x 44.1kg]


Shared reps with partner –
Power snatch [(95#)]
*20 alternating pistols (each person) after each round

Quite a quick wod, and we ended ~15min before time (I think!). So Xin made us all do 5 x 10 back extensions after the wod haha.

CF log 04/02/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day.

With a partner –
100 pistols
100 power snatch [(85#)]
100 TTB
100 OHS

Anny and I took slightly more than half an hour to finish I think! Did in the order TTB > OHS > pistols > snatches. After the OHS my lower back was damn achy already and I kinda died at the snatches. Could not even string 5 and Anny was doing it with no problem LOL. I was stringing mostly 2 or 3 :P

CF log 21/01/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!

With a partner –
120 wall balls [(6kg)]
100 KB swings [(24kg)]
80 burpee pull-ups
60 pistols
40 ring dips
20 power snatch [(95#)]

Anny and I took about 30-35min! Not too bad I suppose… I thought we were quite fast until the ring dips which slowed us down hahaha.

Because everyone finished too fast, there was some time before end of class and we were all made to do thrusters! So –

4 x 5 thrusters [3x 42.7kg, 45.2kg]

CF log 11/01/17 (Wed)

My open blister is not recovered and it hurts when I grip T_T


12:00 EMOM 1 power snatch + 1 OHS [33.1kg to 47.2kg]

Think I did at least 4 sets at the final weight! I felt as if coach stopped the timer at 10:00 instead of 12 though hmm ><

12:00 alt EMOM –
10 pistols (5L,5R)


3 rounds –
10-cal bike
10 DB snatches (5L,5R) [(20kg)]
10 C2B

Supposed to finish in 12:00 cos we had to rotate exercises every 12:00 haha. But I prolly took about 13:00/13:00+? I started my snatches about a minute late haha. Did the wod first, then snatches, then HSPU stuff. Anyway, open blister really hurt a lot doing those C2Bs >< Could not string as much as I wanted.

So happy that Anny is back today! I have a partner again :D And I have free snacks hehehe xD


CF log 25/12/16 (Sun)

CHRISTMAS WODDDD :D But didn’t join for the lunch though cos had my own family lunch gathering T_T The food looked good though!! Anyway, it was just David and me from chaokeng crew this year D:

The workout is similar to last year’s except slightly heavier weights and 1 lap of running instead of prowler (great!) haha. I took about an hour I think :P Did it from bottom up (i.e. 12 to 1) this time!

Just gonna post a pic cos I’m lazy –


(Under the tree are some of the presents that were for the gift exchange during lunch!)

CF log 07/11/16 (Mon)


5 x 3 front squat [60.4kg, 4x 69.4kg]

After all the cleans and fs yesterday, I guess my back and legs got tired for more fs today? :P (cos less reps, but went slightly lighter today.. and still felt like a push lol)

5 x 1 snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg]

Tried twice for 125# (55.8kg) but failed both! First time, my right arm was too slow to lock out. Second time, got the bar overhead then lost my balance :P (i guess i swung the bar too fast/too far back…). BUT GETTING CLOSER!


3 rounds –
50 pistols (25L/25R)
7 pull-ups + 7 ring dips (rx: 7 MUs)
10 hang power cleans [(115#)]

Pistols and ring dips actually felt better than usual today so I’m quite pleased haha!

CF log 22/10/16 (Sat)

It’s the weekend of barbell workshop with Jared Fleming; so half of the box was used for that. No barbell work on the other half.

For the usual 9am class, our warm up was stair climbing again D:

Climbed 8 floors with 14# medicine ball and had to do 10 medicine ball cleans at each floor. After that, climbed the 8 floors another time but without the ball haha.

WOD was quite the killer. Coach had to cut us off cos we took too long. No one in the 9am class completed it lol :P I had 30 (round of 20-10) KB swings left.


KB swings [(24kg)]