CF log 02/08/17 (Wed)

Not sure why it’s cleans day again, but not complaining! :P


5 x 4 push press [35kg to 49.1kg]
5 x 4 push jerk [49.1kg to 58.1kg]

5 x 3 power clean [44.1kg to 58.1kg]
4 x 3 clean high pull from ground [58.1kg]


10 rounds –
4 C2B
8 DB snatches (4L,4R) [(22.5kg)]
10 wall balls

I liked the fact that we didn’t have to do alternating hand for the DB snatches. I can do it faster with multiple reps on the same hand because, momentum hahaha. I needa figure out how to string my C2Bs :/ Always losing the momentum once I come down. C2Bs actually felt ok today cos I could get my chest to touch the bar with less effort than usual! :)

Finished slightly after 8am today but quite happy managed to finish all 10 rounds!

CF log 28/07/17 (Fri)


5 x 3
Push press [37.7kg to 51.8kg]
Push jerks [46.8kg to 60.8kg]
Power clean [46.8kg to 55.8kg]
Clean high pull from ground [3x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg]

Since the rep scheme is the same for all the movements today, just lumped them altogether in the recording haha.


10 to 1 power cleans [(105#)]
30 DUs after each round

Thought I did not bad cos managed to string DUs yay! Anny still trying to let her collarbone wound heal so she did power snatches at 95# and finished slightly earlier than me! I thought it was quite fast since snatches should be harder than cleans, but yet we finished almost together :O

CF log 14/07/17 (Fri)


5 x 5 push press [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 3x 46.8kg]
5 x 3 push jerk [46.8kg, 51.8kg, 3x 55.8kg]

5 x 3 power snatch [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 3x 46.8kg]
4 x 3 snatch high pull [51.8kg, 2x 55.8kg, 60.8kg]


5 rounds –
15 GHD
9 deadlift [(185#)]

WOD was quite fun except for the deadlifts lol. Split it up 5-4 till the last round when I just decided to string all hahaha :P

CF log 26/06/17 (Mon)

I am sooo happy that it’s a holiday today. Getting really sick of work….

Workout was pretty ok today. Don’t really feel that tired after everything, just muscle fatigue? Lats and shoulders for me.

20:00 EMOM bear complex [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 46.8kg, 51.8kg]
(1 p clean, 1 push press, 1 front squat, 1 back squat, 1 BTN push press)
*every 5min add weight

Last 10min stayed at the same weight for me. Ok, I did try to increase it to 56.8kg, but I failed 2 rounds. First round died at the BTN push press, then second at the push press… so decided to just drop back to previous weight (since all the smaller weights were used up too) :/ A bit disappointed with myself tbh, but oh well~

Did core work after the EMOM too.

3 rounds –

0:40 heel touches
0:20 rest

0:40 alternate V-ups
0:20 rest

0:30 hip raises (L)
0:30 hip raises (R)
1:00 rest

I was a bit surprised at how much my core hurt from those exercises LOL. Maybe just #weak ><

CF log 06/03/17 (Mon)

My butt still hurts from all those lunges in the weekend. Better than yesterday though!


30 wall balls
30 SDLHP [(85#)]
30 box jumps
30 push press [(85#)]
30-cal row
30 push ups
30 body weight back squats [60.4kg]

My weight fluctuates from 60-62kg so I just did 60kg squats since the bar was already loaded as such when Anny did it. Maybe I should have added another 2.5kg on each side huh :P Oh well haha.


5 x 6 clusters [(85#)]

Did after the wod today cos finished wod too fast lol. Instead of 5 x 6, ended up doing 3 x 5 then 2 x 6 then finished up the last 3 reps >< 6 reps a set was a mental challenge! At least I managed 2 “proper” sets la.

CF log 12/01/17 (Thu)

Today’s workout was quite ok. But really, my open callus is still quite painful :( Yeah, it’s a callus now, not exactly blister haha.


5 x 10 split jerk footwork drills [15kg]


5 x 3 front squat @ 80% [60.4kg]

5 sets –
1 power clean + 1 push press + 2 push jerk + 3 split jerk [40kg, 44.1kg, 3x 49.1kg]


5 rounds –
10-cal row
30m sprint
10 power clean [(105#)]

Took 18-19min.

CF log 13/12/16 (Tue)

I was lazy so didn’t go for wod yesterday :P Was telling Anny how I feel like I’m getting lazier and it’s harder to wake up in the mornings for wod nowadays hahaha.


100 clean high pulls from hang [15kg]


5 x 3 front squats [2x 60.4kg, 2x 65.4kg, 70.4kg]

3 x 2 power clean [46.8kg, 2x 56.8kg]
2 x 3 clean high pull [59.3kg] – supposed to be 3 sets lol

My clean high pulls really suck cos I keep hitting my pelvic bone and it hurts so I can’t high pull properly; like hit to hips/use lats all >< Maybe I should go lighter next time… perhaps even lighter than my cleans. Cos actually I don’t think I’m even doing my cleans the right way ^^” Probably using too much biceps; rather than hips/lats :P


30 pull-ups
30 KB swings [(24kg)]
30 push press [(95#)]
30 TTB
30 box jumps

Legs were dying at the end, push presses were quite shag lol. The wod was for time, but no idea how long I took :P

Breakfast at toast box with Anny after wod! No more such breakfasts once my work starts next year T_T

CF log 13/11/16 (Sun)


4 x 20 thrusters [(65#)]

This was quite crazy. My traps and arms were super achy and tired after each set. Towards the 3rd/4th set I really felt like fainting/puking lol.


20 deadlift [(185#)]
40 wall balls [(6kg)]
20 power clean [(105#)]
40 wall balls
20 push press [(95#)]
40 wall balls

Started with wall balls, and took about half an hour. It was really pretty tiring, esp after all those thrusters in front ><