CF log 06/12/17 (Wed)

Today’s wod was pretty diff! Quite happy I woke up for it haha. No barbells at all today~ It was kinda like 2 short wods.


10-1 HSPU
Run 1 lap after each set


3:00 AMRAP –
Cal bike
(didn’t finish 1 round; did up to 5 out of 9 burpees)

3:00 rest

4:00 AMRAP –
Cal bike
(1 round + up to 2 out of 6 cal bike)

3:00 rest

5:00 AMRAP –
Cal bike
(1 round + up to 2/3 out of 9 cal bike)


5 rounds –
Sandbag run [100#]
5 sandbag throw (over shoulder)
15-cal row

The sandbag run became more like a walk. It was quite fun doing this sandbag (more like a ‘sandball’ haha) wod once I got the hang of carrying and throwing the sandbag! It was supposed to be 8 rounds, but after coach saw most of us dying and time running out, she reduced to 5 haha.


CF log 24/11/17 (Fri)

YAY ANOTHER WEEK HAS PASSED. One step closer to December, one step closer to my favourite time of the year :)


9:00 EMOM –
3:00 3 clean + 3 jerk [40kg]
3:00 2 clean + 2 jerk [49.1kg]
3:00 1 clean + 1 jerk [58.1kg]

Power cleans and push jerks.

5 sets –
1 paused (3-sec at bottom) front squat + 1 front squat [46.8kg to 69.8kg]


15 C&J [(115#)]
Run 2 rounds (~400m)
12 C&J
Run 2 rounds
9 C&J
Run 2 rounds

Singles all the way~ finished in 18-19min. 10# makes a diff; it felt quite heavy (compared to 105#)!

CF log 19/11/17 (Sun)

Partner wod again! :)

Shared reps –
Run 3 laps (together)
60-cal bike
60 thrusters [(105#)]

Run 2 laps (together)
40-cal bike
40 thrusters

Run 1 lap (together)
20-cal bike
20 thrusters [(105#)]

It was 60 thrusters each in total :O And 105# is pretty heavy for me… Still remember the time I did 105# rep by rep though hurhur.

Anyway, Anny and I were second last pair to finish. Like IDK WHY everyone finished so fast. Cos I didn’t think we were super slow. We still finished before class ended though.. maybe took about 40/45min?

Ok, for some pairs I know why they finished faster… cos they did much lighter weight such that they could string 10 reps each time -.- Like this pair of guys were using 95# when the guys rx was 155#. I mean, I know you can’t go 155# la… but scale down should not be scaled all the way to you being able to do 10 reps at a time right?! Idk why but I just get quite annoyed when pple slack so much LOL. Not my prob also annoyed srsly :P

CF log 15/11/17 (Wed)


3-2-1 rounds sprint around building


2:00 deadset HSPU
1:00 rest
2:00 strict HSPU
1:00 rest
2:00 kipping HSPU
1:00 rest

Ermm actually all I could do was the kipping lol. Managed about 20! The deadset and strict were the essentially the same to me cos I can’t even do strict HSPUs, what more deadset – which requires pausing at bottom/top(?) hahaha. They were really all no reps la :P


5 rounds –
15 deadlifts [(155#)]
12 TTB
9-cal bike

Didn’t turn out as bad as I thought! Finished between 20-25min I think? I actually thought it was quite fun lol. Guess cos I could do all the movements quite comfortably – like not too easy or shag haha.

CF log 11/11/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!

Shared reps with partner –
15 rounds –
10 power snatch [(65#)]
15 push ups
20 KB swings [(16kg)]
Run 8 laps (each)
100 pistols (each partner 25L,25R)

Anny and I took about 35min to finish? It was sposed to be 20 rounds at first but Xin cut it to 15 as she saw us doing! We ended up finishing quite early around 9.45am lollol. Maybe we could have done 20 cos I think we were one of the faster pairs :P But we just rested the rest of the 15min before class officially ended haha!

CF log 10/11/17 (Fri)


5 strict pull-ups
5 ring rows
Run 1 round

2 rounds –
10 strict pull-ups
10 ring rows
Run 1 round

Strict pull ups are haaaard. Esp after the ring rows ><


5:00 EMOM 5 squat cleans [3x 37.5kg, 2x 42.5kg]


3 rounds –
27-cal row
21 power clean [(105#)]
15 burpee box jumps

Took me between 25-30min to complete. I did single cleans all the way~~ hahaha. I think going down with the bar to touch and go would take up too much of my energy :P

CF log 08/11/17 (Wed)

I’m getting quite lazy to do all these logging. Maybe I’ll stop it by the end of this year hahaha (proper end yknow :P).


10:00 EMOM 2 power snatch [28.6kg to 51.8kg]

10:00 EMOM –
5:00 15 GHD
5:00 7-cal bike


3 rounds –
15 power snatch [(65#)]
30 DUs
Run 1 round

Happy that work started later today so I could go home to shower! :D

CF log 06/11/17 (Mon)

Went for my first ever 10.30am class today cos was on leave! Wod-ed with David and Clark who also didn’t have to work hahaha. Then we went to Nex to meet up with Jon for lunch (cos he was coincidentally gonna be around Serangoon today too)!


10-1 HSPUs
Shuttle run after each set


7:00 EMOM 3 hang squat clean + 1 jerk [35kg to 53.1kg]

Front squats –
5:00 EMOM 2 reps [60kg to 69.1kg]
3:00 EMOM 1 rep [73.1kg to 78.1kg]


3 rounds –
10 pull-ups + 10 ring dips (rx: 10 ring MUs)
10 hang power snatch [(95#)]
10-cal row

CF log 05/11/17 (Sun)

Surprise wod today omg. It was baaad. Mostly cos of the heat rather than the wod itself – I feel.

Run 5 rounds around building

followed by,

2 rounds with a partner (Anny) –
Climb 8 storeys of stairs carrying sandbag/20kg KB
At each floor (from level 2), 10 KB swings + 5 sandbag thrusters to back squat

Climbing the stairs with the KB was harder than sandbag. And wodding at the staircase area was insane cos there was noooo ventilation and it was SUPER warm. Just kept sweating non-stop I think it’s possible to die from heat exhaustion there >< But we did it anyway! Quite a good cardio workout la.