CF log 10/09/17 (Sun)

Partner wod! And my usual partner came today :)

Shared reps with partner –
100 S2OH [(105#)]
100 pull ups
100 hang squat clean
100-cal row

Did the row first, then went up to S2OH and followed sequence. The cleans took the longest…. T_T I thought we were quite fast for the rest hahaha. Not sure how long we took but I think it was about 40-45min? It actually took longer than I expected :P We were one of the last to finish!


CF log 16/04/16 (Sat)


6 sets clean complex [37.7kg] –
3-position clean (high hang, above knee, ground) + 1 push press
+ 3-position clean + 1 push jerk
+ 3-position clean + 1 split jerk

Stuck with the same weight all the way. Something new, quite interesting, but so tiring for arms and legs… It’s usually at the last set of 3 cleans that I start to feel the fatigue in my arms ><


Teams of 3 –
150 TTB
*1 work, 1 rest, 1 barbell OH hold [(95#)]
150 S2OH [(95#)]
*1 work, 1 rest, 1 KB hold (16kg each side) [20kg]

This was modified from the team series workout we did last year. It’s supposed to be teams of 4 with 200 reps for each movement, and instead of KB hold it was hang from bar. So anyway, teamed with Yzanne and JW today. I prolly did about 55 TTB and 40-ish S2OH (gave up counting/summing my reps haha). Both of them were tanking the S2OH; we swapped “stations” every minute and I think they were doing like close to 20 or more each minute :P The max I pushed out was 15 I think haha.

CF log 05/12/15 (Sat)

I think the wod today didn’t justify how much food I had post wod :/

Was rather manageable today, quite surprisingly! Cos I remembered that the past 2 times I did I similar looking wod, I felt so tired?!!


2 rounds with 6 kg ball =
200m indian run
20 reps (each) partner throw
20 reps (each) partner sit-ups


In a pair –
50 back/front/OH squats [(95#/65#/45#)]
30 pull ups
20 S2OH

Paired with Cindy and finished in 21:11. Basically it’s 3 rounds of squats, pull ups and S2OHs; with a different type of squat each round. It was supposed to be in teams of 3, so yup higher rep scheme too. But cos there were not really enough people, so I did it in a pair (scaled down reps accordingly, i.e. 3 people should be 75 squats, so 2 people should do 2/3 which is 50 squats).

By right, the bar should not touch the ground at all throughout the whole workout, so basically taking turns to do the movement and passing the bar to each other when switching people. For my case, cos we both used diff weights for the workout, we each had our own bar. So it was like while one partner was doing a movement (any), the other would be holding on to their bar in a back squat rack position.

Honestly after the whole thing, was really not that shag :X Oh well, active recovery in view of tmr’s 21km run! :P