CF log 13/12/17 (Wed)

It’s getting harder to wake up for wod especially when I’m feeling aches in my body haha. I have no idea how I went almost everyday in the morning last time :P #signsofage

But… finally see my partner again today! First time this week hahaha.


10-1 HSPUs
Run 1 lap after every set


50 barbell “good mornings” [15kg]
50 GHR
50 back extensions


20 power snatch [(95#)]
20 burpee box jumps
20 OHS
20 burpee box jumps
20 squat snatch

Did the wod before strength/skill portion. It was ages since we did the GHRs and it was baaad. I took quite long to do the 50 haha. But other than that, wod today was not too bad! Was one of the slightly longer days too, but not as bad as yesterday.


CF log 11/12/17 (Mon)

Butt is surprisingly soooo sore from yesterday’s wod! Surprising cos I do front/back squats heavier than those 125# cleans but never felt my butt ache so bad before… but today… :P Feels good though; like I worked out well HAHA.


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [37.5kg to 53.1kg]

6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat snatch [40kg to 44.1kg]
5 x 2 snatch grip deadlift [66.8kg]

6 x 5 front squat [3x 57.7kg, 3x 62.7kg]


12:00 alternate EMOM –
ME wall walk (rx: HS walk)
3 single arm DB OHS (change hands each min) [17.5kg]

Should have went heavier for the DB OHS! Tried the 20kg one on the last round and realised it was actually quite doable… :P

Butt got more achy throughout the day~ Thighs starting to ache too. Hopefully not too many squat movements tmr!!!

CF log 09/12/17 (Sat)

Partner wod! Finished surprisingly quick though it looked like a long list of things to do on the board.

With a partner –

50-cal row
21 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
21 power snatch [(95#)]

40-cal row
18 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
18 power snatch

30-cal row
15 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
15 power snatch

20-cal row
9 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
9 power snatch

10-cal row
6 synchro burpees (reps not shared)
6 power snatch

Partnered Anny but she couldn’t do snatches cos of her shoulders; so she did cleans! Still split the reps as though she was doing snatches though haha. We finished in 28:30.

Went with Joey to toast box for breakfast and play with her nano blocks! Damn fun, I love building stuff LOL.

CF log 05/12/17 (Tue)

Back at wod after a day of rest post #scsm2017 with the fam haha. All of us ran 21km! :D My mum wants it as an annual fam run lol.

My left calf still feels “knotted” – more like a cramp than an ache. But… cramps don’t last so long right :/

Still went for wod anyway!


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [35kg to 49.1kg, 53.1kg missed]

6 x 2 paused (1-sec at knee) squat snatch [35kg to 2x 44.1kg]
5 x 2 snatch grip deadlift [2x 66.8kg. 3x 71.8kg]

6:00 EMOM 5 front squat [3x 55.8kg, 3x 60.8kg]


2 rounds –
20 DB snatch (10L,10R) [(22.5kg)]
20 TTB
20 box jumps
15-cal bike

Took about 20min. Was debating whether to do 20kg DBs or rx lol. Cos my shoulders were quite tired from snatches already :P But since it was just 2 rounds, decided to go for it and… no regrets! :D

CF log 28/11/17 (Tue)

I’m getting quite lazy to go for cf in the mornings now :( NEED TO CHANGE AND GET THE DISCIPLINE BACK!!! Gonna go for the rest of the weekdays this week~ yes, including strength day ><


7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [35kg to 53.1kg]
6:00 EMOM 5 back squats [53.1kg to 71.3kg]

3 x 2 pause (at knee) squat snatch [35kg, 40kg, 44.1kg]


21 pull-ups + 21 ring dips (rx: 21 MUs)
42 thrusters [(85#)]
63-cal row

Quite sad that I still can’t do MUs, so I’ll never know the feelz of how tough MU wods are T_T But tbh ring dips are already killing me lol. Did the thrusters, then row, then pull-ups/ring dips. Thrusters felt better than I thought!

CF log 25/11/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!!

Warmed up with 5-min AMRAP “Cindy”. I started with push ups. Did about 4.5 rounds (finished push ups and 3 squats lol).

With a partner, 3 rounds –
2 rope climbs (each) *or 1 peg board climb which very little pple can do LOL
20 squat snatch [(105#)]
30 KB swings [(24kg)]
40 back extensions with med ball

Finished before 35min! Quite happy I could snatch the 105# quite ok today though it was heavy… and I actually missed 2 reps hahaha. Anny was doing cleans at 125# cos of her shoulder ><

After class, Joey, Anny and I wanted to head to Yakun for brkf. But there were no seats and no one looked like they were gonna leave… so decided to check out toast box. AND GUESS WHAT!!! THEIR SOFT FRENCH SET IS BACK!!! (Fated to get toast box today haha).

We went quite a few times previously but they kept telling us that they were not selling it – though they put up the ad/sign for it in front of their cashier -.- So I was really happy when they had it!!! Though I didn’t eat it cos had lunch at home and the set is actually quite filling. But I was still happy for Joey and Anny who go to eat it hahahah :D

CF log 21/11/17 (Tue)


10:00 alternate EMOM –
5 ring dips
40 DUs

I only did 35 DUs for the first 2 rounds ><

Front squats –
2 x 5 @ 70% [55kg]
2 x 4 @ 75% [60kg, 64.1kg]
2 x 3 @ 80% [69.1kg]

Back was hurting a bit cos my squat form was not very good last night lol. So carried over to today? :P Arch my lower back too much :(


3 rounds –
10 power snatch [(85#)]
20 box jumps
30 wall balls [6kg]

Took 17:50 ard there? Pretty tiring :/

Really feel like my body is getting old and tired and not as agile/fit LOL.

CF log 11/11/17 (Sat)

Partner wod day!

Shared reps with partner –
15 rounds –
10 power snatch [(65#)]
15 push ups
20 KB swings [(16kg)]
Run 8 laps (each)
100 pistols (each partner 25L,25R)

Anny and I took about 35min to finish? It was sposed to be 20 rounds at first but Xin cut it to 15 as she saw us doing! We ended up finishing quite early around 9.45am lollol. Maybe we could have done 20 cos I think we were one of the faster pairs :P But we just rested the rest of the 15min before class officially ended haha!

CF log 08/11/17 (Wed)

I’m getting quite lazy to do all these logging. Maybe I’ll stop it by the end of this year hahaha (proper end yknow :P).


10:00 EMOM 2 power snatch [28.6kg to 51.8kg]

10:00 EMOM –
5:00 15 GHD
5:00 7-cal bike


3 rounds –
15 power snatch [(65#)]
30 DUs
Run 1 round

Happy that work started later today so I could go home to shower! :D