CF log 09/08/16 (Tue)

National Day today! And back at crossfit sessions after… 4 days haha? One day pre-competition, 2 days of competition and 1 day for recovery post-comp. It was the AFT weekend! Long story short, we ended up in 4th place. For David and I, it’s the same as last year haha; so close yet so far! :P Tbh, I could have done better T_T It was my best on that day, but not the best I can do D: Time to train harder and be more consistent in my movements!!

So anyway, had a SG51 national day wod today!

In pairs –
51 Single arm KB swing (L+R=1 rep) [(24kg)]
51 Inclined ring rows
51 Neutral grip back squat [(85#)]
51 GHDs
51 Assault bike (cals)
51 Power snatch [(85#)]
51 Overhead squat [(85#)]
51 Reverse lunges (each step back=1 rep) [(85#)]
51 Elevated push ups

Anny and I thought that all the reps were meant for one person… so we did 51 GHDs and 51-cal of assault bike each (we started with those 2 movements)! Then I overheard coach telling some others that reps are shared, and went to clarify with David; and yes, it was supposed to be shared -_- hahahaha. Luckily we started with the easier stuff and we still managed to finish on time! Took about 45:45 to finish.

Cos it was 51 reps of everything, we took turns to do 25 or 26 reps for the movements. Did most of them in sets except for the lunges and back squats. Both of those kinda killed my back haha. Like my back just got sooo tight and suan after doing them! Didn’t help that my upper back was still aching from the competition (I presume) >< SUPER TIGHT. Tried to roll after the wod, but I’m really not sure how much it helped hahaha.